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B-Grade Comedy Movies To Binge On Netflix - Always be my Maybe
B-Grade Comedy Movies To Binge On Netflix - Always be my Maybe


7 B-Grade Comedy Movies To Binge On Netflix

Bingeworthy comedy movies to stream right now on Netflix.

Bingeworthy comedy movies to stream right now on Netflix.

Sometimes you need to switch your brain off and just watch something fun. But sometimes “fun” can be interpreted by Hollywood as downright eye-rollingly bad.

You know what we mean. Jack and Jill, That’s My Boy, *enter another Adam Sandler movie*.

Finding the comedies that actually make you laugh more than cringe can be tough, but luckily for you we’ve put together a list of comedies that are (mostly) pretty ok. 

Murder Mystery 

Oh my lawdy, it’s an Adam Sandler movie. But hear us out, because this Adam Sandler movie is surprisingly good. Jennifer Aniston in particular carries a lot of the film, which is fun to follow and solve (easier than you solved the truth behind the Prestige, but still a small challenge none the less.)

Aniston and Sandler are great together, we don’t care what you say. There’s something real and wholesome and hilarious and it means this movie is actually pretty decent.

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Isn’t it Romantic

Ok this one comes with a ‘so bad it’s good’ tag but hear us out.

The cliché’s, the bad dialogue, the perfectly lit sets – this is all part of the film’s self-aware charm that you kind of got to love.

The movie follows Natalie, played by Rebel Wilson, who comes with another tag – you love her or you hate her.

Lovers: strap in. Haters: bye bye now. 

And as if one Aussie star wasn’t enough, the movie also comes with a Hemsworth. And yes, the shirt comes off. 

The Package 

This movie comes right out of the early 2000’s… except it was made this year.

Think of your Superbads, your Jackasses, your comedy of errors led by a troop of male idiots. Enter: The Package.

You know those movies where the lead(s) have to do something, but all these things get in their way one after another to make a hilarious 90 minutes of watching?

Look, it ain’t no Hangover Part 2 (also on Netflix) but it’s got something. 

Always be my Maybe

This is one of those eh-I-guess-I’ll-watch-this-while-I-fold-laundry movies that turns into an oh-my-god-my-singlets-can-wait-because-this-is-too-good surprises.

What’s great is that the two protagonists are usually nerdy, less-flashy supporting characters and this movie makes us realise what we’ve been missing out on.

Both Ali Wong and Randall Park are hilarious, and there’s genuine chemistry between the two of them – who play estranged high-school sweet hearts.

While both of them are knock outs, there is one more character that had us laughing from the moment he graced the screen to the moment he went screaming off it.

Keanu Reeves… as Keanu Reeves.

Don’t ask. Just watch.

When we first Met

Another example of an actor who used to play supporting characters finally getting some glorious limelight 

Adam Devine (you’ll know him when you see him), plays a love-sick Noah, who may or may not partake in a bit of time travel to land the girl of his dreams.

Corny? Yes. But a feel good flick that won’t make you wonder from the second you press play why you’re wasting your time? Also yes.

Tower Heist

Heist movies can be fun. The suspense, the satisfaction of the team pulling off the big job, the romance in between… But they’re also so very serious.

So, for something more light-hearted and fun, we bring you a heist movie, with a little bit of Murphy and Stiller sprinkled in.

This film comes with laughs BUT also manages to nail that sweet, sweet satisfaction of a job (mostly) well done.

As the instagrammers say: wait til the end.

Game Over, Man

Do we love Adam Devine a bit too much?

Maybe. Are we a little hooked on time-strapped plots with that perfect mix of action AND comedy? Definitely.

To round off our list, this zinger is a combination of the movies above. Actually kind of fun to solve (Murder Mystery) intentionally over the top and playing into genre tropes (Isn’t it Romantic) a series of errors by a group of merry male fools (The Package) supporting acts that come into their own (Always Be My Maybe and When We First Met) and a time-sensitive adventure packed with laughs (Tower Heist). 

We came full circle baby. Now get yourselves a-streamin’ and dive in. 

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