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Adam Sandler's Best Movies
Adam Sandler's Best Movies


8 Best Adam Sandler Movies To Binge As The Rest Are Terrible

Enjoy these 8 Adam Sandler movies that will bring back good memories and make you forget the bad.

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Jackpot! We list the best Adam Sandler movies so you don’t have to watch the bad ones.

Remember the days when Adam Sandler was a lock to provide Grade A comedy? Well you definitely won’t find Spanglish on this list of the best Adam Sandler movies.

Well, that seemed to fall off pretty fast, but that still doesn’t take away from the quality comedy hits below.

The number of hours wasted watching movies like Spanglish thinking… any minute now something funny will happen.

Thank god for the internet and thank go for streaming, because now we never have to sit through another terrible Adam Sandler movie, instead, we can just go straight to the top shelf.

Enjoy these 8 Adam Sandler movies that will bring back good memories and make you forget the bad.

Billy Madison

The 90’s classic that seemed to be on Channel 10 every other weekend.

Billy Madison will have to go down as one of the best Adam Sandler movies – with a never-ending amount of one-liners that will forever be used in our lives.

Plus who could ever forget Veronica Vaughn!

Happy Gilmore

Who would have thought a golf movie would be interesting.

Happy Gilmore seemed to be played every other week when Billy Madison wasn’t being played on Channel 10 – which was also sandwich between the weeks when they had the Back To The Future Trilogy playing…

This movie will forever have everyone trying a Happy Gilmore shot from the tee.

Only 365 more day to next seasons hockey try outs!

The Wedding Singer

This is where it could have started to go wrong, though The Wedding Singer is and always will be a classic.

This was Sandler’s first taste of a Rom-Com and working with Drew Barrymore, who he would then go on to work with 100 more times in movies that weren’t so great.

Perhaps it was all Julia Gulia’s fault!

The Waterboy

Gatorade…H20… Gatorade… H20!

A story about how your average everyday waterboy becomes a football star – definitely one of the best Adam Sandler movies.

There’s not much to the plot but there are some great laughs to be had.

You can do it!

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