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A Whole New World: Disney Release Collection Of Zoom Backgrounds

Time to mix things up with a fresh Zoom Virtual Background thanks to Disney.

Right off the bat, this isn’t something everyone can do. You actually need to have some solid CPU and graphics power behind you to be able to change the background on your Zoom chat.

But you’ll never shine if you don’t glow so first here is how you change your background.

How to change your Zoom background

  • When you are in your live chat there is a little arrow right next to the icon which says Stop Video
  • You will want to hit that arrow button
  • Then click Choose Virtual Background
  • This is where you will then find out if you have the nuts and bolts in your computer to get a new background look on your next Zoom call
  • You will then need to press the + button above the default images and then you can select from one of the below Disney Zoom backgrounds you will now save

Disney Zoom Backgrounds

Enjoy the collection of Disney Pixar Zoom backgrounds to add a little piece of Disney magic to your next Zoom call.

Toy Story


Monster Inc

Finding Nemo


For more Disney Zoom Backgrounds including Inside Out, Incredibles, Up, Ratatouille and more visit

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