Arachnado: Move Over Sharknado How About Spiders In A Tornado

Spiders in a tornado – we’d laugh but anything seems possible in 2020.

Following the winning formula of putting sharks in a tornado comes a new movie with spiders in a tornado called Arachnado.

Watch: Arachnado Trailer

Starring Mel Novak (Bruce Lee’s Game of Death), Deborah Dutch (Hard To Die), Brinke Stevens (Slumber Party Massacre) and Shawn C. Phillips (Ghost Shark).

The trailer pretty much giveaways the whole gist of the movie… there are tornados coming to destroy the city, but on closer inspection they are full of spiders – all different shapes and sizes.

Not to give away the whole plot though we aren’t sure how they exactly fight off all these spiders so there’s that to look forward to.

Arachnado poster
Source: SoCal Cinema

What will be next to come out of a tornado? Given we’ve seen Snakes On A Plane perhaps Snakenado is the next hit tornado movie.

This ‘blockbuster’ will be available VOD this November 26th (so 27th in Australia) from SCS Entertainment.

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