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Awake - Netflix Thriller
Awake - Netflix Thriller
Source: Netflix


Awake: Everything You Need To Know About Netflix’s New Thriller

Strap in- Awake is set to be one of the big movies coming to Netflix this year.

Here’s everything you need to know about the must-watch Netflix original movie Awake.

“After 48 hours of no sleep there’s a loss of critical thinking. It’s going to be total chaos. After 5-6 days? … We’re all going to die.”

Imagine a world that is plunging into madness, with global sleep deprivation and a technology blackout creating chaos on a global scale. As the compounding days without sleep begin to tear society apart, an ex-soldier (Gina Rodriguez) learns her daughter may be the key to it all. Can she safely deliver her daughter before losing her own mind?

Watch the trailer: Awake 2021 Netflix Original Movie

Awake (2021) is the terrifying new sci-fi thriller coming to Netflix on June 9, 2021. We’ve got the low down on everything you need to know ahead of its release!

Filmed Just Before the Pandemic

Principal photography began in Toronto, Canada in August 2019, allowing it to wrap and head into post-production just months before the pandemic hit. Awake is one of the most hotly-anticipated films to be released by Netflix this year, as part of its move to produce more high-profile movies in 2021. 

Awake was written and directed by Mark Ruso, whose previous projects include Copenhagen (2014) and the father-son road movie, Kodachrome (2017) with Ed Harris and Jason Sudeikis. Ruso is continuing his sci-fi run with the alien abduction drama Cosmic Dawn, now in post production.

An All Star Cast

Leading lady in this thriller is Golden Globe award-winner Gina Rodriguez, best known for her CW network comedy Jane the Virgin and as the voice of the Netflix animated action-adventure series Carmen Sandiego. She joined the production in May, 2019 after finishing the critically-acclaimed Kajilionaire (2020), a heist-drama with Evan Rachel Wood. 

The film has a supporting cast of veteran actors, including Jennifer Jason Leigh (Delores Claiborne), Canadian actor Barry Pepper (The Green Mile) and Francis Fisher (Titanic, Unforgiven), all fighting to stop the situation from spinning out of control.  

The scene-stealer in the movie is Rodriguez’ daughter, played by newcomer Arianna Greenblatt. With her unique ability to sleep in the movie, she may be the only hope for an antidote that puts her at risk from more than just the violence erupting on the streets.  This is actually their second time acting together, with Greenblatt using her voice talents on the animated hit SCOOB! as the younger version of nerdy-lovable Velma (Rodriguez).

Watch this space for more updates as Awake gets nearer to its release on June 9, 2021.

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