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brooklyn nine-nine- season 8
brooklyn nine-nine- season 8


Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8: What To Expect From The First Two Episodes

Our first peek at the brand new season.

We’ve got the low-down on the first eps of Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8

The 99th precinct is back with our favourite immature, brilliant detective and his team for an eighth and final season (sob), and it’s leaving on a more serious note. 

Lucky us, because we got the chance to watch the first two episodes before its official release, so we can give you the inside scoop on everything to expect coming into the new season which premieres on SBS on August 13th in Australia. 

Watch: Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8 Official Trailer – One Last Ride

The beloved sitcom is taking a slightly different approach this season and has made the decision to tackle the worldwide issues of COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter in a unique comedic approach, which its loyal fan base will no doubt love.

Jake, Amy, Scully, Holt, Rosa, Boyle, Terry and Kevin all face the challenge of fitting their personal life in with work as they navigate through the final few episodes with plenty of laughs along the way – and we believe a Gina and Pimento appearance might be in store after watching the trailer.

brooklyn nine-nine- season 8

Here are all the deets about Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8 (without any spoilers).

Episode 1

The first episode starts on a more serious note, but don’t stress – there’s still plenty of good old Brooklyn Nine-Nine laughs to be had in between all of it.

All the OG’s from last season are back in the first episode minus Gina and Hitchcock (who has retired to Brazil).

It opens with a revelation from Rosa and a few COVID references including mask-wearing and a COVID-high five invention from Jake and Boyle. 

There is also a dive deep into the world of police brutality and corruption with conversation about racism in the police force and reference to George Floyd taking centre stage. 

There is also an uncharacteristic moment from Holt which makes things a little emotional.

Episode 2

The gang take a trip to Captain Holt’s lake house while Jake hatches up one of his usual out-there schemes on the trip and Terry climbs on board. While Rosa and Boyle add to the shenanigans of the trip. 

It’s classic Brooklyn Nine-Nine laughs and steers away from some of the more serious notes of the first episode.

The first two episodes of the new season were nothing short of amazing, but did we really expect anything less?

Get ready for 10 final episodes full of laughs, emotions and plenty of Peralta.

How to stream Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8 in Australia

We can watch the final season via SBS and SBS On Demand with a double episode launch at 9:30pm on Friday the 13th of August.

Like previous seasons, it will follow up by being put on Netflix a while after as it has with previous seasons.

In the meantime, you can stream all the other seasons on Netflix to bring you up to speed.

How smort are you?

Brooklyn NIne-Nine Quiz

How Nine-Nine are you? Take our Brooklyn Nine-Nine quiz to see if you are as smart as Raymond Holt or as useless as Scully and Hitchcock.

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