Cooked With Cannabis: So There’s A Cannabis Cooking Show Hitting Netflix

Cooked With Cannabis – a cooking show like no other!

In a world full of cooking shows, one might think it would be hard to find a fresh angle to make something different and interesting to foodie viewers around the world.

Enter Cooked With Cannabis!

A show that is uniquely different as chefs compete to get the hosts and special guests high… yes that’s right high on elevated cannabis cuisines with their artful use of the leafy herb.

Watch: Cooked With Cannabis

Kelis herself is super pumped for the show to debut as she posts the trailer on YouTube.

“I’m so excited to share the first Cooked with Cannabis trailer, coming April 20th on Netflix.”

“Chefs will compete to create elevated cannabis cuisine with their artful use of THC infusions and CBD sauces. Sounds good, right?!”

This will definitely be one to binge.

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