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Dawson's Creek Netflix Australia
Dawson's Creek Netflix Australia


Dawson’s Creek Is Coming To Netflix In November

Dawson’s Creek will start streaming all six seasons on November 1st and yes that includes Australia.

Cue the song “I don’t want to wait”

Now when you Google – ‘is Dawson’s Creek on Netflix Australia?’ The answer will be yes!

What was a right of passage for teens in the late 90’s early 2000’s can soon be relived as Dawson’s Creek will start streaming all six seasons on November 1st and yes that includes Australia.

The classic coming-of-age drama that launched the careers of Katie Holmes, Michelle Williams, James Van Der Beek and Joshua Jackson will finally be available on Netflix as we relive six seasons worth of love triangles, growing pains and countless times of Dawson crying.

Watch: Dawson’s Creek Openings

However, one thing that is not cool about the launch of Dawson’s Creek on to Netflix is that Netflix on Twitter confirmed that the original song won’t be in the opening.

Twitter: “the episodes won’t have the original theme song (sorry)”

Were you Team Dawson or Team Pacey? Either way, get ready to enjoy your time again at the creek.

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