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peter pan- peter pan & wendy
peter pan- peter pan & wendy


Disney+ Peter Pan & Wendy: Everything We Know So Far

Journey back to Neverland

It’s another new Peter Pan remake- what’s in store this time?

Pan, Hook, Finding Neverland, and of course the original Disney Peter Pan – if you feel that you still haven’t quite had your fix of Peter Pan movies over the years, you’re in for a treat with Disney Peter Pan 2021 in the can.

Directed by David Lowery (Pete’s Dragon, A Ghost Story), Disney’s Peter Pan & Wendy is the new live-action version of your favourite childhood movie. In good news, it has just wrapped filming, and we’re here for it.

Peter Pan & Wendy

Based on the Peter Pan original story from 1953, this version takes the viewpoint of young Wendy Darling rebelling against the idea of growing up.

So, she does what any self-respecting pre-teen does and follows her brothers… no, not down the pub, but to a magical land (this is Disney after all) – a remote location with plenty of children, with a hint of Lord of the Flies vibes about it. Here Wendy meets Peter, a boy hell-bent on adventure who refuses to grow up, all the while he’s locked into an ongoing battle with the menacing Captain Hook.

We’ve seen a sneak preview of what’s in store, and it’s safe to say that the forthcoming Disney Peter Pan 2021 movie delivers all the Disney magic, with a young impressive cast at the helm. 

The cinematic scenes are set to breathtaking backdrops of mountainous ranges and aquamarine seas – no surprise since the movie was filmed in beauty spots throughout Vancouver, and Newfoundland and Labrador (not to be confused with Neverland!) in Canada.

Disney Peter Pan 2021 cast

peter pan

As you’d expect from Disney+, there’s a stellar line-up of talent attached to the new live-action movie. 

Stepping inside the pirate-size boots of Captain Hook is Jude Law. A role which has been played with swashbuckling prowess by Tom Hiddleston, Dustin Hoffman and Tim Curry in the past. Law has already been photographed on location in full Hook uniform, which rings true of the Peter Pan movie original we all know and love – red waistcoat, beige slacks and a hook where his arm should be.

A young Ever Anderson is wonderfully cast as Wendy, and Alexander Molony as Peter. While Yara Shahidi (Salt, Black-ish, Alex Cross) plays the charming Tinker Bell.

Something old, something new…

The script stays true to the original theme of Peter Pan – the boy who never gets old and lives in Neverland.

It was conceived by Scottish novelist J.M. Barrie, who later moved to London to pursue his career in writing. In a generous and unexpected move, Barrie gifted the play and novel to Great Ormond Street Hospital in 1929.

Peter Pan & Wendy is the latest in a long line of animated classics turned live-action. Maleficent (taken from Sleeping Beauty), Alice through the Looking Glass, Cinderella and The Jungle Book, have all had the live-action makeover in recent years, some better received than others. 

Depending on where you sit, Disney is either bringing its magical formula to a whole new audience, or is once again recycling its body of work in a predictable move. Either way, film-goers have mixed feelings about it. 

When will the movie be out?

After five months on set, which like all movies was interrupted by Covid-19, the new Peter Pan movie wrapped in August 2021. The film will now undergo a lengthy post-production process before getting its cinematic release.

While we’re still awaiting an official premiere date, it’s likely that we won’t be returning to Neverland until sometime in 2022. 

There isn’t a trailer as such, only teasers, which touch on all the Disney magic set to the backdrop of London and the seven seas.

We’re excited to see where they will take this new Peter Pan movie. After all, growing up is so overrated, right?

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