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Rick & Morty Season 5
Rick & Morty Season 5


Everything To Look Forward To: Rick and Morty Season 5

Morty get ready for some fireworks!

It’s finally time to feast our eyeholes on the Rick and Morty Season 5 trailers.

Giving us a family happy vibe, the trailer opens with the whole Smith family bickering in a forest. In true Rick and Morty style, we see a whirlwind of flashes between chaotic scenes. Let’s break down the trailers to see what we have in store for season 5.

As we last left off in season 4’s finale we saw a reappearance of some old favourites. Starting with Beth’s Clone (or Space Beth), Dr. Wong (the therapist), Tammy and Birdperson (or Pheonixperson). The Gromflomite Galactic Federation got defeated (again)! But the series ended leaving the audience confused as to who the real Beth was. 

Watch: Rick and Morty Season 5 Trailer

The Season 5 trailer suggests that we will see plenty of clones of Rick, and perhaps even Beth. We also see a return of Mr. Nimbus who is previously known as Rick’s eternal Foe. We see Jerry referring to him as a “strange, horny ocean man.” It looks like Jerry gets in the way of Rick’s adventures a lot this season. 

There are plenty of scenes of a Voltron-themed episode where the whole family are dressed in super-suits getting ready for a battle. We catch scary glimpses of Rick and Beth in bondage gear saving Jerry from a dungeon – seems normal… We also see a hologram Rick hilariously preventing Summer and Morty from entering the garage. Followed by a scene of poor Jerry stuck outside the house as the whole house goes into lockdown whilst preparing for battle. 

Watch: Rick and Morty Season 5 Trailer (#2)

The second trailer follows a similar style of chaotic flashes of scenes showing bits of each episode. This trailer shows us that the family tries to take a vacation to get away from their lives. We are then quickly shown the family gearing up in Voltron-themed outfits fighting off giant praying mantis monsters. We are quickly shown glimpses of Jessica and Mr. Nimbus being featured in the same episode too.

There will be plenty of parodies of movies featured this season, including Voltron, Samurai Jack, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Independence Day and many more.

Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode Guide

There are almost infinite possibilities of theories of the new episodes for Rick and Morty season 5. To narrow down the theories, here are a list of the episode titles to look forward to;

  • Episode 1: “Mort Dinner Rick Andre”
  • Episode 2: “Mortyplicity”
  • Episode 3: “Rickdependence Spray”
  • Episode 4: “A Rickinconvenient Mort”
  • Episode 5: “Amortycan Grickfitti”
  • Episode 6: “Rick & Morty’s Thanksploitation Spectacular”
  • Episode 7: “Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion”
  • Episode 8: “Rickternal Friendshine of the Spotless Mort”
  • Episode 9: “Forgetting Sarick Mortshall”
  • Episode 10: “Rickmurai Jack”

Rick and Morty Season 5 Release Date

The wait between season 4 and 5 has only been roughly a year – so thank you Dan Harmon! This is a huge improvement compared to the previous waits lasting about 2.5 years.

Season 5 premieres Sunday June 20th 11.00 pm E.T.

How to stream Rick and Morty in Australia

This is where it get’s a little messy.

Rick & Morty is produced by Adult Swim with Season 5 to be released on their website on June 20th with their website only accessible by the U.S.

To further complicate the issue, the bad news is Netflix no longer has the rights to Rick & Morty, however, HBO Max does.

Then in further bad news… HBO Max isn’t available in Australia (unless you know how to do the workaround), however in potentially good news BINGE has the exclusive HBO distribution rights in Australia, so while there has been no official announcement from Foxtel/BINGE – fingers are crossed there will be word soon that Rick and Morty season 5 will be available in Australia in real-time and not delayed.

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