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deena and sam- fear street
deena and sam- fear street


Fear Street Part 3 Review: The Final Chapter

The curse of Shadyside is revealed, and it’s darker than ever expected

How did the final installment shape up?

After two very different movies to begin, The Fear Street Trilogy came to a close with part 3, taking us all the way back to 1666 (a fitting year) to discover the truth behind the legend of Sarah Fier. 

Unlike the first two, it didn’t take on as much of a horror-slasher kind of vibe, but rather a slow burn into a thriller. 

Watch The Trailer: Fear Street Part 3

Starting up where the last movie left off, we are transported back to 1666 with Deena who is witnessing the periodic time all through the eyes of Sarah Fier- although she still has her own view on it, with all the characters being past characters from the other two films. 

It starts off pretty slow, and it probably took me until about halfway through the movie to actually spark some interest. Where the first movie starts off strong with horror and violence right away, this one takes on more of a build-up. If you were hoping for gore, guts and scream inspiration, then you will be slightly disappointed by this last one.

In saying that, it provides a strong storyline and twists throughout the plot that did earn a gasp or two. 

A Recap

In this film, we are finally connecting all the dots and exploring the heart of the franchise: Sarah Fiers curse. When Deena is transported back to 1666, she witnesses what is basically a tragic love story. Sarah falls in love with the pastor’s daughter Hannah (portrayed by Deena’s girlfriend Sam) and after a forbidden act in the forest and a string of demonic events in town, the girls are exposed and wrongly accused by the townspeople and sentenced to hanging for being witches.

Ideas of misogyny and homophobia are explored in a time where men were given the power to do whatever they want to women and homosexuality was considered a sin, and Janiak is not afraid to explore and expose this.  

I absolutely love how they have drawn parallels here between Deena and Sam and Sarah and Hannah, setting us up with the ability to understand Hannah and Sarah’s connection portrayed so beautifully by the two girls. 

*Spoilers Ahead*

After escaping, Fier (Deena) flees to the home of the only person she trusts: Solomon Goode. Shortly after arriving, she unravels the horrifying truth that he summoned the devil and her hand is lost as she tries to escape. After freeing herself, she is shortly apprehended again and Solomon frames her for everything he did. Alas, Sarah Fier is no witch, but an innocent girl thrown under the bus to protect the girl she loves. 

Fast forward back to 1994 where the real nail-biting, action-packed ending takes place. After discovering the truth, Deena realises that the Goode family (including one Sheriff Nick Goode) has been behind the evil in Shadyside all along. They concoct a plan to end his reign of terror which involves a trip back to the mall where it all began and a suspenseful few scenes before Deena finally kills him. 

In terms of atmosphere, this last Fear Street dives deeper than the others. Even though on the outside it might not look as scary, it’s extremely dark and I felt a sense of unease the whole way through, experiencing a few cover my eyes and peep through the middle moments. It explores the darker parts of humanity along with providing a few satanic-driven and disturbing scenes, making it in my opinion the scariest one of the lot. 

Will There Be More?

If you, like I, waited through some of the credits to see if there would be one last surprise, then you were not disappointed when we saw a hand grab the book. 

Is this setting us up for a whole new instalment? Who grabbed the book? So many questions! 

The Final Verdict

All-in-all, Fear Street was a journey worth taking. 

The interconnection of all the movies being revealed in the final chapter was absolutely thrilling and clever spins were thrown in everywhere. I especially loved the fact that all the movies brought different elements of the horror genre to the table – so no matter what you fancied, you got a little bit of each. 

I’d recommend giving it a watch, if not for the gore then for the purely entertaining storyline. 

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