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fear street part two
fear street part two


Fear Street Part Two: 1978 Review

A strong sequel: Fear Street Part Two continues the epic, gore-filled journey

More horror, more gore: The Fear Street Trilogy continues

After an epic start to The Fear Street Trilogy, Fear Street Part Two has arrived taking us back to 1978.

Unlike the first part diving straight in with a gruesome murder in the opening scene, part two takes on a slower burn diving deeper into the mystery through the eyes of Ziggy Berman. It leans more on the horror side of things sprinkling epic gore throughout and finishing off with a bang in the final scene. The element of comedy seen in the first part is completely erased here, this is serious stuff.

It seems to have a clear influence from Friday the 13th, with its masked killer (the same one we saw in part one) giving off Jason Voorhees vibes as they reveal his origin story.

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IMDb: 6.8/10

Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score: 85%

Spoilers Ahead.

The Plot

Part two kicks off where part one left off, Deena and Josh desperately seek the help of Camp Nightwing massacre’s only known survivor in an attempt to save Sam. Christine Berman, aka Ziggy, begins our jump into the ’70’s as she tells the tale of that night.

Sadie Sink, a familiar face from Stranger Things, puts on a gripping performance in her role as a young Ziggy that has drawn major comparisons to Carrie. Playing on the already established rivalry between Sunnyvale and Shadyside, we’re taken to a camp that opens with Ziggy being tortured by Sunnvalers who think she’s stolen money from them- setting up our initial love for the character who goes on to gain our support throughout.

Bring in the protective, preppy and completely opposite sister Cindy (Emily Rudd), her perfect-on-paper soon to turn into a psychopathic killer boyfriend Tommy (McCabe Sly), the hardcore drug-addicted ex-friend Alice (Ryan Simpkins) and a young Nick Goode (Ted Sutherland) before he became sheriff.

The plot follows the Sarah Fier saga back when she possesses Tommy, as mentioned above, who goes on a murderous rampage through Camp Nightwing. While all that’s happening, Cindy and Alice are trapped below ground diving deeper into the mystery of Fier and make their way out in an attempt to put the curse to rest once and for all.

We are also introduced to Nurse Lane, the mother of singing serial killer Ruby Lane (who you’ll remember from part one) who’s diary is discovered by Cindy and Tommy with pages of research on the witches curse that claimed her daughter.

Along with the horror and mystery, we get a typical sister bond to follow along to the end: sisters hate each other, sisters realise how much they love each other and go to all lengths to protect each other when faced with certain death, sister sacrifices herself out of love in order to save the other sister. Although cliche, the characters make the final moments gripping to watch and it’s a sister bond that brought emotion even with its predictable outcome.

Much of the plot ties into part one giving the audience lots of “oh” and “ah” moments of realisation such as why Sheriff Nick Goode has a limp and revealing the release of some of the psycho-killers we see in the first movie.

Worth the watch?

The film plays with slash traditions while adding its own twists making for an entertaining and thrilling ride. If you liked part one, it certainly lives up to expectations as far as a good sequel goes- even though they are very different in their approach.

It’s never dull as it follows a few dual-narratives, and it answers a few burning questions from the Sarah Fier mystery- only to leave us with a heck of a lot more.

Where part one took more influence from Scream, part two dives into more brutal aspects of the horror genre with Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday the 13th feels. The axe scenes deserve a particular mention- the sound effects and detail involved are toe-curling and a gorey masterpiece, particularly in the final scenes where we are right up close and personal with the death of Cindy.

All in all, it’s a strong follow-up and if you liked what you saw in part one you will not be disappointed. Which is better? I personally preferred the second, but it really depends what sort of horror movies you’re usually into.

The Ending

It wouldn’t be an exciting trilogy without a strong, cliff-hanger set up for the final instalment that leaves you just dying to know what happens in the end.

The ending of part two left so many questions with sneak previews of part three which will follow Deena as she is taken back to 1666 to finally discover the origin of the curse of Sarah Fier.

The final part shows glimpses of many of the main cast members coming back, even though some of them are dead so we’re assuming they will be playing different characters- a bit of American Horror Story inspiration perhaps.

But the biggest question of all is the curse everything that it seems? Is Sarah Fier really behind it all, or is someone else making sure Shadyside is forever haunted? If the first two bits are anything to go by, I’d say we can expect the unexpected.

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