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best true crime podcasts
best true crime podcasts


Get Hooked On The 15 Best True Crime Podcasts On Spotify

The best true crime podcasts so good you won’t want to press pause

Giving you the ultimate murderous fix with the best true crime podcasts on Spotify

Are you guilty of listening to way too many true crime podcasts and considering yourself a qualified detective? Yeah, me too. 

There’s just something about serial killers, gruesome crimes and unsolved mysteries that has continued to intrigue and capture audiences from all walks of life, leaving us straight up obsessed with the bizarre and twisted tales.

But with so many out there, how do you ever choose which to listen to?

As a fellow true crime junkie, I’ve done my fair share of listening (and by fair share, I mean that it’s probably classified as an addiction at this point) and have come up with the 15 of the best true crime podcasts on Spotify- in no particular order.

Happy listening!

Crime Junkie

“Hi Crime Junkies, I’m your host Ashley Flowers….”

If you’re a dedicated Crime Junkie fan like me, you automatically finished that sentence.

Earning the prestigious position as one of my fave true crime podcasts, Crime Junkie is hosted by the equally crime-obsessed Ashley Flowers and her co-host Brit Prawat. They release episodes weekly so you’ll never run out of your fix, with coverage on everything from infamous murder cases, unsolved cold cases, missing person mysteries and serial killers.

Their conversational style and intense research into the cases have earned them a loyal fanbase who just can’t get enough.

Casefile True Crime

Also slotting in on my favourites shelf is Casefile.

Now, I’ll admit, it took me a little while to get into this podcast. The flat non-changing tone of the host’s voice at first was hard to focus on, and I found myself slipping in and out of the story more than once- but boy was it worth it once I persisted and listened to a few more episodes.

This podcast is award-winning for a reason, with an anonymous host diving deep into investigations and trials of solved and unsolved cases around the globe.

My Favourite Murder

If you’re a fellow murderino you’ll know how awesome Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstarks hit true crime podcast is.

One of the more popular podcasts out there, My Favourite Murder takes on shocking cases with a dash of their own comedic rambles sprinkled on top. They’ve also ramped it up a step by letting you at home get involved and share your own true crime stories.

Claremont: The Trial

Here’s one a little closer to home for us Perth folk.

The extensive Claremont: The Trial series from The West takes you into all the action of the courtroom after the arrest of Robert Edwards, aka the Claremont Serial Killer, in 2016.

Journalists and legal experts lead you behind the scenes of the WA trial that captivated locals from the get-go with a breakdown of key information from the proceedings on the twisty turny road to a conviction.

It’s a big commitment, but totally worth the ride.

Morbid: A True Crime Podcast

An autopsy technician and a hairdresser come together to do a true crime podcast series.

Morbid: A True Crime Podcast makes us true crime wierdos feel at home, taking on the popular heavy subjects with a dose of humour to lighten the mood.

They cover everything from serial killers to spooky history, paranormal happenings, conspiracy theories and anything else that sends chills down your spine.

Murder With My Husband

Ever babble on to your partner about your obsession for true crime only to be met by weird judgemental looks and an abrupt end to the convo? That was the life of Payton and Garrett Moreland, only now she’s dragged him onto a podcast to listen to her stories.

Murder With My Husband ventures deep into the world of dark crimes, hosted by a wife who loves it and a husband who hates it.

Morning Cup Of Murder

What better way to start your day than with a cup of coffee and a tale of murder.

Morning Cup Of Murder takes you on a walk down memory lane, releasing a new episode every single day detailing any murder, abudction, cult crime etc etc that happened on that date in a piece of true crime history.


If you really want to dive deep and get your fix with ALL the details, then Morbidology is probably for you.

Host Emily G. Thompson really knows her stuff, providing what I’d say are some of the most well researched episodes you can get. With analysis of 911 calls, interviews and trial testimonies there’s nothing left to the imagination as she explores some of the worlds most heinous crimes.

Dr. Death

We trust the medical professionals of the world with our lives, but after listening to Dr. Death you might be a little more wary on that next trip to your doctor.

Now at its third season, it focuses on shocking cases of medical malpractice from seasons following a sinister neurosurgeon to a con artist who fooled the world.

The Dating Game Killer

No matter how many times I hear the story of Rodney Alcala, I’ll still never understand how the prolific serial killer was able to fool parole boards, police, employers and psychiatrists for so many years.

From the makers of Dr. Death and Dirty John, The Dating Game Killer tells the story of the most famous serial killer you’ve probably never heard of, and how an appearance as a dating show contestant helped lead to his capture.

Tom Brown’s Body

Award winning journalist Skip Hollandsworth attempts to uncover the truth in a mystery that’s torn a town apart and left more questions than answers in Tom Brown’s Body.

In 2016, Tom Brown disappeared in the tiny Panhandle community of Canadian, Texas. Two years later, his remains were discovered beneath a tree outside of town.

To this day, no arrests have been made, and nearly everyone involved in the case has fallen under suspicion.

Last Podcast On The Left

The combination of dark horror combined with lighthearted comedy seems to be a trend among true crime podcasts at the moment, and Last Podcast On The Left does it oh so well.

They provide detailed accounts both imagined and real from demons to slashers to cults and serial killers that will really get your heart racing.

Supernatural With Ashely Flowers

Hosted by our very own Crime Junkie queen Ashley Flowers, Supernatural digs into the most bizarre, whacky true crime occurrences ever.

It will have you spooked to the max with mystifying cases from alien abductions to the famous Somerton Man mystery.


You’ll never get bored of listening to British hosts Hannah and Suruthi telling stories of bizarre whodunits, big time serial killers, possessions and disturbing mysteries in Redhanded.

Following the classic ‘friends talking about crime’ conversational genre, you’ll get a few laughs out of the episodes and feel well in on the convo with banter and deep discussions throughout.


Suspect examines the unsolved 2008 murder of Arpana Jinaga.

After an apartment complex hosts a Halloween party, no one expects the night to end with one of the party hosts murdered.

Was it the guy in the devil mask? The guy dressed as Jesus? The bank robber? The construction worker? We’ll let you be the judge.

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