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Heist Netflix Documentary
Heist Netflix Documentary


Heist: The Netflix Documentary Based On The Biggest Heists In American History

Bringing you the faces behind three major heists you have to see to believe.

Netflix sure does like a good heist story!

Have you heard about the woman who was lured into a $3 million armed robbery? Or the guy who skimmed bourbon from his employer to sell it on the black market?

Either way, these extraordinary true stories are coming to a screen near you on Netflix.

Proving that life is often stranger than fiction, the soon-to-stream Heist Netflix documentary brings three sensational real-life crime stories together in two-part episodes.

The series will be released on the 14th of July and is sure to captivate audiences from the very beginning.

What to expect

Not to be confused with the Netflix Money Heist series, the Heist documentary chronicles three of the major heists in Modern America. Keeping you on the edge of your seat at all times, it’s brilliantly shot to combine real-life accounts that are full of action. But, giving you an inkling as to how it all pans out, each short is broken down and explained by the criminals that were involved.

This includes a then 21-year old woman who creams millions in a Las Vegas casino, and a Dad who swoops millions from an airport, learning to get away with it by watching TV shows- yes, really.

It’s unapologetically voyeuristic delving into themes of temptation, risk, greed, and excitement, with an underlying feeling that the party has to stop at some point. 

But what makes it all the more fascinating is how easy it was for seemingly ordinary people to be converted into criminals overnight. 

The high-paced documentary uses a combination of interviews and re-enactments to bring each story to life, with frank and sometimes emotional conversations from those involved.  This includes interviews with family members as well as accomplices, and the police investigators involved in bringing the criminals to justice

Story lines

The Heist Netflix documentary brings you three fascinating stories, which are easy to dip in and out of.

‘Sex Magick Money Murder’

Heather Tallcheif was 21 when she met paroled murderer Robert Solis, immediately sweeping her off her feet and hypnotising the once innocent girl into a life of crime and danger. She got behind the wheel in one of the largest armoured truck robberies in Las Vegas history to drive off with over $3 million in the back- the things you do for love.

‘The Money Plane’

The story of Karls Monzon, a Cuban immigrant determined to find a way to adopt a baby girl after his wife encounters several miscarriages. When a friend tips him off about a cash-filled plane arriving in Miami in an insecure area carrying a sweet $100 million, you can see it all fall into place and guess what happens next. What perhaps you won’t guess though, is how Monzon levels up his crime credentials: by watching American TV shows to learn his trade.

‘The Bourbon King’

Another short follows Bourbon King aka Gilbert “Toby” Curtsinge, who turned a side-income into a full-scale criminal operation, working for a liquor brand. Soon, the employee was swiping bottles worth up to $4,000 in his organized crime, making global headlines.

The team behind it all

There’s a stellar production team behind this latest Netflix crime special, with impressive credentials. First of all, it’s directed by Emmy nominated Derek Doneen (The Price of Free, The Dream is Now, What Haunts Us), and shares the same Oscar-winning producers of ‘Two Distant Strangers’.

The Heist Netflix documentary takes you on a whirlwind tour of the in’s and out’s involved in criminal circles, providing a fascinating insight into how heists are organized in full gritty detail. You get a glimpse of what it’s like to explore your darkest fantasies, as you find yourself constantly asking – does crime really pay off?

We’ll let you decide…

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