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Jason Momoa – Sweet Girl Review: Yay or Nay?

The verdict is in: it’s one to add to the watch list.

Don’t be fooled by its title, Sweet Girl is more of a stiff drink than a sweetener.

You could call Sweet Girl a film about family, or justice, or revenge – or perhaps all three. But one thing’s for sure, this action-packed thriller doesn’t fail to get the adrenaline pumping.

Making its debut in August, Sweet Girl on Netflix is a gripping 1 hour and 35 minutes of non-stop drama. The cold and industrial backdrop of Pittsburgh sets the scene for the heart-tugging story, as we witness the human price of corporate greed.

We’re used to seeing Jason Momoa in superhero-esque roles. Think Aquaman, Game of Thrones, The Justice League and Conan the Barbarian. However, his latest performance as doting Dad, Ray Cooper, in Sweet Girl is quite a deviation from the norm.

Nonetheless, Momoa steps up to the stage, with a powerful punch, as a father on a mission to get answers following the tragic loss of his wife.

Watch The Trailer

Belt up for the sweetest ride

When the Sweet girl trailer dropped a month ago, we were excited to get a sneak peek of what’s in store. Now the new Netflix release is available for streaming, and it’s one not to miss.

It all starts quite blissfully. Walks in the park, picnics by the lake, a perfect family of three living in harmony, but not without their challenges. If it all sounds too good to be true, it is. Cooper’s wife (Adria Arjona) is battling cancer, when the potentially life-saving drugs she needs are denied.

In scenes all too familiar, the pharmaceutical company pulls the potentially life-saving drug, leaving her to die. She’s not alone in her fight, as Cooper goes to every length, from begging surgeons to calling in on TV shows to try and get the decision revoked. Could they have saved her life? Sadly, we’ll never know as we see her character fade away…

In emotional scenes, Sweet Girls’ Jason Momoa’s character goes from loving husband to avenging father, as he finds himself in the darkest of places. Beautifully and sensitively played, Isabela Merced gives a powerful performance as daughter Rachel.

Avenge the one you lost. Protect the ones you love.

As the strapline goes, it’s time to get even. Refusing to accept the grim reality, Cooper embarks on a one-man one-daughter mission to seek vengeance, whilst protecting his now family of two.

But going after the powers that be is a dangerous game and the underworld’s dark side comes to light, protecting their business interests.


Fully invested and refusing to stand on the sidelines, Rachel joins her Father to fight the cover-up. With scenes reminiscent of the 90s film Leon, we see Rachel’s coming-of-age, proving her credentials as a powerhouse in her own right. She’s no Daddy’s sidekick either, but refreshingly a woman on a mission, fighting her own fight. 

Their partnership is solid and believable, helping to distinguish Sweet Girl Netflix from another action movie. On Jason Momoa’s Instagram page, he called it his “passion… with a lot of heart and centered on family,” and that’s exactly what it is.

jason momoa- sweet girl

Fight club

Impressively performing all her own stunts, Isabela wows on-screen alongside Moma who knows how to pull off a fight scene. There’s plenty of action and fisticuffs, from one-on-one combat to falling out of train windows, through to rooftop fight scenes and big explosions.

There’s also a psychological side to the film, tapping into the darkness of the pharmaceutical industry, perfectly captured by director Brian Mendoza (Frontier, Road to Mendoza). Add to this a fully-charged soundtrack, including a paired down and haunting version of Guns n’ Roses ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’, and it’s got all the spine-tingling feels.

If family loyalty gets you in the gut and you enjoy a powerfully uplifting story rooted in reality, then this is most definitely a yay for a few hours escapism.

Sweet Girl is available to stream on Netflix now.

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