Learn To Make Bingeworthy Pasta Online From This Italian Nonna

Now you can put all those cans of tomato to use.

Well, for one there seems to be an on-going shortage of pasta on supermarket shelves at the moment. So if you were one of the unlucky ones who weren’t able to grab a packet or two… or alternatively you have already binged all your pasta supply 2 days into ISO – you might be able to learn a thing or two from this Nonna.

Nonna Nerina is going live around the world with her pasta-making lessons, and you can sign up to learn authentic recipes handed down through the generations from her home outside Roma.

Even if you weren’t in ISO, learning to make fresh homemade pasta will impress friends, family and of course that special someone.

Not to mention once you are a pasta masterchef you can forever walk past the pasta section with your nose turned up – just make sure you never out any Dolmio pasta sauce on your new pasta masterpieces.

How it works?

You can sign up to a class on her website and you’ll be sent a list of ingredients and required utensils so you can be prepared to follow along at home.

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