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Lindsay Lohan Netflix Christmas Movie
Lindsay Lohan Netflix Christmas Movie


Lindsay Lohan Is Making A Comeback With A Netflix Christmas Movie

The well-known celeb is coming back to the big screen

Lindsay Lohan set to star in a Netflix Christmas movie.

Everyone has that good friend who you may not see very often, but the moment you reconnect it just simply feels like yesterday. That’s precisely how we are feeling about Lindsay Lohan’s comeback! It’s been a long time, but we are more than ready to be introduced to her upcoming Netflix Christmas Movie.

On May 24th the Official Netflix Twitter account surprised us with the reveal of a new romantic comedy starring the one and only Lohan.

The tweet gives us some hints as to what the movie’s going to be about:

Lohan rose to stardom with movies that are now iconic classics, including “The Parent Trap” (which was a reboot of the 60’s movie), the remake of “Freaky Friday” and the iconic “Mean Girls”.

The most recent cinematographic piece we’ve seen of Lohan acting was in 2019, with Among the Shadows. However, the last major project in which the star appeared was the MTV reality series “Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club”, with one season only, released in 2018. Since then, we can say that Lohan has been mostly away from front-of-camera roles.

Who’s behind it?

Netflix has been providing us with many Christmas movies throughout the years, like “A Christmas Prince” and “The Princess Switch” (which was inspired by the well-known Lohan’s “The Parent Trap”). The director of this yet-to-be-named movie, Janeen Damian, has already worked with Christmas-themed movies, such as “The Christmas Waltz” and “A Princess for Christmas”.

What do we know so far?

While Lohan’s presence is confirmed, the rest of the cast is yet to be revealed.

We also don’t have an official release date yet, but we know that the production is set to start by November 2021. According to Variety the movie is not likely to be released this year, so we might only get to watch it in 2022.

What are people saying?

People are both excited and worried about the new movie. Long time fans of the actress can’t wait to watch Lohan on her first Netflix production:

Others, on the other hand, are considering the plot revealed by Netflix a little too similar to the 80’s movie Overboard. This cult classic follows the life of a beautiful heiress, who also gets amnesia after an accident. In this case she is looked after by a carpenter to whom she was cruel towards before the accident.

We will make sure to bring your more Lohan Christmas news as more is revealed by Netflix in the coming months.

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