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Mulan Disney+: How Much Extra Will Mulan Cost?

Mulan live-action remake to be released on Disney+ in September.

While there has definitely been more bad than good when it comes to the COVID-19 world pandemic, there is no denying a straight to Disney+ release for Mulan live-action remake is a win for 2020.

But before you get all excited there is a slight catch…

Watch: Disney’s Mulan

This morning it was announced that Mulan is bypassing the cinemas and heading directly to the Disney+.

However, unlike the release of Hamilton, Mulan will be an extra cost for subscribers.

How much will Mulan cost on Disney+?

Disney+ subscribers will be looking at $29.99 USD or roughly $40 AUD on top of your normal monthly or annual charges.

Still cheaper than a movie ticket and a large popcorn and drink though – so we can mark that as another win.

Watch: Original 1998 Mulan Trailer

With the on-going pandemic and unknown release date for many more blockbuster movies – perhaps this pay per view model for blockbuster movies could become the norm for other future releases, not just Disney movies.

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