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Netflix-binge: Watch Dead To Me Season 2 Trailer & Date Announcement

Set your alerts for May 8th as season 2 of Dead To Me will premiere on Netflix.

Upfront there are spoiler alerts for those that haven’t seen season 1.

So if you haven’t then jump on it here and then come back to us after wards

Watch now: Dead to Me Season 1

Ok now let’s talk end of season 1 and season 2 trailer.

Watch: Dead To Me Season 2 trailer

“We are not in Snow White, we are in f*#king Scarface.”

Who knew there was going to be a season 2 after the ending?

I mean sure it was left a bit open with the fact they spread Steve’s brains all over the pool.

But at the same time it kind of closed the show off… well so we thought?

Jen: “We are not in Snow White, we are in f*#king Scarface.”

Judy: “I’ve never seen that,”

Jen: “Well, neither have I. No girls have”

While the teaser doesn’t give us much as obviously it’s a teaser, what is interesting to note is how can now 2 men be dead, 1 killed by each of them and still no one is in jail?

Based on this and the above quote from the trailer – you would have to assume this provides the storyline for the upcoming season as this dysfunctional friendship sticks together to stay out of jail.

But there are now so many questions now left to be answered… but we will now have to wait until the 8th of May.

‘No one can ever know what happened. Except us.’

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