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episode one- sexy beasts
episode one- sexy beasts


Sexy Beasts Has Arrived, And It Did Not Hit The Mark

If you were hoping for a laugh, all it got was a few yawns.

I’m one episode in on Netflix Sexy Beasts, here’s what I think.

Sexy Beasts has officially arrived on Netflix

After a whole lot of talk and some WTAF trailers and previews to peak our interest, I put my dignity aside and watched the first episode. 

Titled Emma The Demon, the first episode follows professional model Emma as she searches for a ‘special connection’ with three men- a mouse with a mullet, a baboon and a statue. 

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The Verdict

Look, I’m not saying I had very high hopes for this show, but it almost sunk lower.

I was surprised at first that the episode was only 24 minutes long, considering Emma was about to go on a date with three men and make a decision on which one she formed a deeper connection with. Given that, it’s no surprise that the ‘connections’ formed were absolutely non-existent. 

Although it looks flashy from the outside with the potential to be super exciting and whacky, it’s honestly just plain boring. We see tiny snippets of conversation on dates that don’t go any deeper than “the weirdest place you’ve had sex”, the conversation is dry, and it’s set out so we see about 10 minutes of each encounter leaving us wondering how the contestants even decided who they liked most. 

I think the first level it fails on is the low commitment levels for the winners and the inability to humanize them for us. On most dating shows, we at least get to know the contestants enough on a deeper level to like them and believe their deep connection (even if half the time it never works on the outside). I couldn’t even tell you one of the occupations or hobbies of the contestants, and I was no closer at the end to having any idea who they actually were. At least in other dating shows the contestants are actually forced to get to know each other on a deeper level. 

Even though the show’s whole premise is to fall in love with personality, their very first contestant is a model- so quite clearly, they’ve got the looks and you won’t be disappointed when that mask comes off. Of course, all the other contestants are relatively good-looking guys as well, so it really just defeats the whole purpose.

The commentary and prosthetics were probably its only saving grace. Comedian Rob Delaney narrates the episode and says pretty much exactly what all of us at home are thinking. The makeup and prosthetic design are also quite impressive and the level of detail and work put into them definitely make up for the lack of entertainment from the people underneath.

If you were hoping for trashy mindless TV, then you’ve certainly got it. But even on the so good you have to keep watching trashy TV scale, this one wouldn’t even make a mark. It’s massively underwhelming after a bunch of hype on the trailer and social media, and I’d say at best it’s background entertainment while you do something else. 

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