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the forgotten battle- netflix australia this week
the forgotten battle- netflix australia this week


New On Netflix Australia This Week: 10th October

Everything on Netflix Australia this week, October 10th 2021

Here’s what’s new on Netflix Australia this week – October 10th 2021

It’s the week You fans have all been waiting for, with season three set for its release on the 15th. After being left on a cliffhanger last season, it’s time to see how Joe and Love’s friendly neighbourhood family act plays out after he becomes obsessed with a pretty blonde next door- spoiler alert, it won’t go down well.

If you love war movies, then the dutch war-drama The Forgotten Battle is our pick for your next movie night. It follows the Battle of Scheldt, one of the most important of the entire campaign for the First Canadian Army, through three different perspectives- a Dutch axis pilot, a British air pilot and a female resistance fighter from Zeeland.

Must watch and new on Netflix Australia this week

You Season 3

Release Date: 15/10/2021

They’re just the nice, normal neighbors next door.

Cast: Penn Badgley, Victoria Pedretti, Saffron Burrows and more

The Forgotten Battle

Release Date: 15/10/2021

A Dutch boy fighting for the Germans, an English glider pilot and a girl from Zeeland connected to the resistance against her will, are forced to make crucial choices that impact both their own freedom and the freedom of others.

Cast: Tom Felton, Susan Radder, Gijs Blom and more

Fever Dream

Release Date: 13/10/2021

The charged relationship between two young moms, one a visitor and the other a local, reveals a looming environmental catastrophe and a spiritual crash.

Cast: Maria Valverde, Dolores Fonzi, Guillermo Pfening and more

Everything coming to Netflix Australia this week

you season 3- netflix australia this week

Netflix Original Series

  • The King’s Affection (11/10/2021)
  • Reflection of You (13/10/2021)
  • Another Life Season 2 (14/10/2021)
  • You Season 3 (15/10/2021)
  • My Name (15/10/2021)
  • Little Things Season 4 (15/10/2021)

Netflix Films

  • Hiacynt (13/10/2021)
  • Fever Dream (13/10/2021)
  • One Night In Paris (14/10/2021)
  • The Forgotten Battle (15/10/2021)
  • The Trip (15/10/2021)
  • The Four of Us (15/10/2021)

Netflix Original Documentaries

  • Making Malinche: A Documentary by Nacho Cano (12/10/2021)
  • The Movies That Made Us Season 3 (12/10/2021)
  • Convergence: Courage in a Crisis (12/10/2021)

Netflix Kids

  • The Baby-Sitters Club Season 2 (11/10/2021)
  • Might Expres Season 5 (12/10/2021)
  • Sharkdog’s Fintastic Halloween (15/10/2021)
  • Karma’s World (15/10/2021)
  • Misfit: The Series (16/10/2021)

Netflix Anime

  • Bright Samurai Soul (12/10/2021)

Other TV Series & Films

  • Nekrotronic (15/10/2021)

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