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The Ultimate 80s Music Quiz: I Wanna Quiz With Somebody

Relive all the bangers from the 80s.

Relive the 80s with our 80s music quiz.

There is no question the 80s were one of the best music eras and our 30 question quiz will be the perfect trip down memory lane with wall to wall bangers.

We cover it all in our 80s quiz from release dates, to finish the lyrics, billboard charts and much more.

While you are playing the quiz treat yourself to the best bangers of the 80s

  • Question of

    The group UB40 had a number one hit in the 80s with what song?

    • Red Red Wine
    • Batdance
    • Rock On
    • She Drives Me Crazy
  • Question of

    “Who sang the song I Was Only 19 (A Walk in the Light Green)”

    • Red Gum
    • Red Gun
    • Crowded House
    • Crows
  • Question of

    INXS had how many Billboard Top 10 hits?

    • 5
    • 6
    • 7
    • 8
  • Question of

    Which was the only #1 Billboard hit for INXS?

    • Need You Tonight
    • Never Tear Us Apart
    • Devil Inside
    • New Sensation
  • Question of

    Finish the lyric: Hey now, hey now. Don’t dream it’s over. Hey now, hey now ___

    • When the world comes in
    • When the world comes to
    • When the world sees clear
    • When the world is done
  • Question of

    How many weeks in total did Michael Jackson spend at #1 on the Billboard Charts?

    • 27
    • 20
    • 36
    • 52
  • Question of

    Bruce Willis had a hit song in the 80’s?

    • True
    • False
  • Question of

    What was his song called?

    • Respect Yourself
    • Respect
    • If You Don’t Respect Yourself
  • Question of

    The Australian pub anthem Run To Paradise was released in?

    • 1988
    • 1986
    • 1987
    • 1989
  • Question of

    Who spent six weeks on the charts at number one with the song ‘Call Me’?

    • Blondie
    • Prince
    • Van Halen
    • Phil Collins
  • Question of

    Throughout her whole career Madonna has had how many #1 Billboard hits?

    • 12
    • 8
    • 11
    • 13
  • Question of

    Who wanted to ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’?

    • Def Leppard
    • Queen
    • Bon Jovi
    • Twisted Sisters
  • Question of

    Finish the lyrics: Just a small town girl ____

    • Living in a lonely world
    • Just a city boy
    • Stuck in a lonely world
    • Living in the big new world
  • Question of

    Which name is not mentioned in ‘We Didn’t Start The Fire’?

    • New York
    • Marilyn Monroe
    • Joe DiMaggio
    • North Korea
  • Question of

    Guns N’ Roses formed in?

    • California
    • London
    • New York
    • Chicago
  • Question of

    What year did Toto release the still uber popular Africa

    • 1982
    • 1981
    • 1983
    • 1984
  • Question of

    Thriller is the biggest selling album worldwide?

    • True
    • False
  • Question of

    Bon Jovi Bed of Roses was released in the 80’s?

    • False
    • True
  • Question of

    Finish the lyric: She was a fast machine, She kept her motor clean ____

    • She was the best damn woman I had ever seen
    • She was the best thing woman I had ever seen
    • She was the best woman I had ever seen
  • Question of

    Who is the first artist to sing on the charity song ‘We Are The World’?

    • Lionel Richie
    • Michael Jackson
    • Stevie Wonder
    • Paul McCarthy
  • Question of

    In 1983, Elton John released a popular song called ‘I’m Still ________

    • Standing
    • Dancing
    • Crying
    • Alive
  • Question of

    Michael Jackson’s best selling #1 song in the 80s was?

    • Billie Jean
    • Thriller
    • Beat It
    • Smooth Criminal
  • Question of

    The names of the brothers in Crowded House are?

    • Neil & Tim
    • Neil & Tom
    • Nigel & Tim
    • Nigel & Tom
  • Question of

    Who sang the pop song ‘Open Your Heart’?

    • Madonna
    • Debbie Gibson
    • Tiffany
    • Whitney Houston
  • Question of

    According to Official Charts, what was Madonna’s biggest selling single?

    • Into The Groove
    • Holiday
    • Like A Virgin
    • Papa Don’t Preach
  • Question of

    Who was the lead singer of Icehouse

    • Iva Davies
    • Ivan Davies
    • Ian Davies
    • Eric Davies
  • Question of

    Who sang the 1985 hit ‘Shout’?

    • Tears For Fears
    • Dire Straits
    • Falco
    • Whitney Houston
  • Question of

    Finish the lyric: Take me down to the paradise city ______

    • Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty
    • Where the grass is green and the city is pretty
    • Where the girls are pretty and the grass is green
    • Where the sky is blue and the girls are pretty
  • Question of

    Who had the last #1 hit in the 80’s?

    • Phil Collins
    • Billy Joel
    • Michael Jackson
    • Paula Abdul
  • Question of

    What was that last #1 song in the 80’s called?

    • Another Day In Paradise
    • Easy Lover
    • Two Hearts
    • In The Air Tonight



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