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harry potter and the philosophers stone
harry potter and the philosophers stone


Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone Quiz

Wizards Only! The Ultimate Harry Potter Quiz.

It wasn’t so long ago that JK Rowling introduced us to a magical new world where three-headed dogs, flying broomsticks and teachers that turned into cats became a reality and we were hooked.

The boy who lived, the chosen one, the boy with the lightning scar- you’ve heard them all, but how much do you really know?

Take it back in time to where it all began with this Harry Potter quiz that will put your Hogwarts knowledge to the test.

Challenge your Potterhead friends and see who will come out on top.

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  • Question of

    What is the name of the three-headed dog guarding the stone?

    • Fluffy
    • Floppy
    • Lassie
    • Aragog
  • Question of

    What birthday did Harry celebrate in the first book?

    • 11
    • 14
    • 12
    • 10
  • Question of

    What number privet drive does Harry live at?

    • 4
    • 10
    • 3
    • 5
  • Question of

    What is the core of Harry’s wand made of?

    • Pheonix Feather
    • Unicorn Tail
    • Veela Hair
    • Dragon Heartstring
  • Question of

    What does the hex Hagrid casts on Dudley do?

    • He grows a pig tail
    • He apologises to Harry
    • He squeaks like a rat
    • He talks in a high pitched voice
  • Question of

    What birthday gift does Hagrid give Harry?

    • Snowy Owl
    • Wizard Cloak
    • Wand
    • Penknife
  • Question of

    What does Ron see in the Mirror of Erised?

    • Himself as head boy, holding the quidditch cup
    • A buffet of food
    • Him winning the Triwizard Tournament
    • His family
  • Question of

    Draco steals what from Neville during flying class?

    • Neville’s rememberall
    • Neville’s glasses
    • Neville’s toad
    • Neville’s inhaler
  • Question of

    Where does Harry first meet Ron?

    • The train station
    • Hogwarts
    • Diagon Alley
    • The Weasley’s house
  • Question of

    Who is defence against the arts teacher in the first year?

    • Professor Quirrel
    • Professor Snape
    • Professor Quarrel
    • Professor Lupin
  • Question of

    What vault is the stone in?

    • 713
    • 687
    • 710
    • 700
  • Question of

    What is the first chapter of The Philosopher’s Stone called?

    • The Boy Who Lived
    • The Cupboard Under The Stairs
    • The Letter From No-One
    • The Prince’s Tale
  • Question of

    Which of the following is NOT an obstacle protecting the stone?

    • Dragon
    • Flying Keys
    • Devil’s Snare
    • Wizarding Chess
  • Question of

    Who is Nicolas Flamel?

    • Maker of the Sorcerer’s Stone
    • Teacher at Hogwarts
    • Death Eater
    • Student
  • Question of

    What colour does Ron try to turn Scabbers?

    • Yellow
    • Purple
    • Red
    • Blue
  • Question of

    What does Hagrid name his Dragon?

    • Norbert
    • Norman
    • Nora
    • Buckbeak
  • Question of

    What is the Unlocking Charm?

    • Alohomora
    • Expelliarmus
    • Incendio
    • Reparo
  • Question of

    Which book is required for First Year Hogwart’s students?

    • A History of Magic
    • Voyages with Vampires
    • The Monster Book of Monsters
    • Unfogging the Future
  • Question of

    How do First Year student’s get to the Hogwarts castle from the train?

    • Boat
    • Horse and Carriage
    • Broomsticks
    • Car
  • Question of

    Who is the Gryffindor House Ghost?

    • Nearly Headless Nick
    • Peeves
    • The Bloody Baron
    • The Grey Lady



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