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sweet girl


Sweet Girl Netflix Blockbuster Starring Jason Momoa: Everything You Need To Know

Get ready for non-stop action and plenty of Momoa.

The upcoming action-thriller set to hit Netflix this August

Straight-up action plus Jason Momoa? You already know the new Netflix blockbuster Sweet Girl is going to be a hit.

Making his debut in a Netflix Original movie, Momoa will take on the role of Ray Cooper- a devoted family man on the hunt for justice against a giant pharmaceutical company responsible for his wife’s death.

It’s got just about everything you’d expect: jam-packed action scenes, thrills, a side of drama, and a hunky main man. Hitting Netflix in August, we can’t wait to dig into the popcorn for this one.

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What’s The Plot?

As every good action movie goes, the plot will centre around a fight for justice.

Family man Ray Cooper (Jason Momoa) seeks justice against the pharmaceutical company that is responsible for the death of his wife (Adria Arjona) after they pull a potentially life-saving drug off the market.

His search for the truth soon turns ugly as it puts him and his daughter (Isabel Merced) in danger, turning it into a quest for vengeance in order to protect the only family he has left.

Brian Andrew Mendoza has taken up the directors chair and you may know him from Frontier, Road to Paloma and Braven- all movies starring Momoa, safe to say we can probably guess his favourite actor to work with.


As you’ve probably already figured out, they’ve cast Jason Momoa for the main role- and we couldn’t think of anyone better to take on the task. Alongside him, Isabel Merced will play his daughter Rachel.

Other cast members include Adria Arjona, Marissa Tomei, Amy Brenneman and Michael Raymond James.

Release Date

Sweet Girl is set to hit Netflix on the 20th of August, so pencil it in on your calendars now.

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