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10 Reasons To Stop Fighting It & Watch Squid Game

It’s time to jump on the bandwagon, for ten good reasons

Just when you thought the two words that would define 2021 were ‘global’ and ’pandemic’, Squid Game comes along…

Squid this, Squid that. Sometimes the hype of a show is enough to put you off. However, in the case of Squid Game, it’s time to stop being a stickler and become a Squiddler, or whatever fans are calling themselves these days.

If you haven’t already googled ‘what is squid game’, let us enlighten you.

The Netflix show everyone’s talking about centres around a number of broke people, many with unpayable debts, approached to take part in a mysterious game with 45.6 billion Won ($51 million AUD) at stake. It’s only when all 456 Squid Game characters are recruited that we discover that losing a game comes at the ultimate price. And it just gets darker.

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Savage, sadistic and utterly compelling, is it time to surrender to the squid? We think so, here’s why…

1. The f*cked up plot

From start to finish the brutal plot is mind-blowing, taking you on a journey through the eyes of Gi-hun, aka player 456. 

We navigate the lowest depths of humankind, and ethical dilemmas you never want to face. It’s just about palatable until you get to the games themselves. By which point you’re far too invested to turn back… much like the players.

2. Gives you hope for humanity

Squid Game characters toggle between loveable and loathsome – a blend of the best and worst of humankind. Yet in the darkness, there’s an unexpected beacon of light.

The relationship between Old Man and Gi-hun, the unexpected kindness of strangers, friendship in the most unlikely of places. It’s a poetic reminder that even when the world is falling apart, there’s still beauty to be found.

3. It’s Netflix’s most popular show. Ever.

Breaking Bad, Tiger King, Stranger Things… all good Netflix series come in two-word titles, Squid Game being no exception. Except of course, it’s Netflix’s most successful series ever.

In its first week, it was number one in no less than 90 countries worldwide, including Australia. Surely 111 million people can’t be wrong?

4. It gained 100% status

Just a further reminder of its epic-ness, in its first week of release Squid Game reviews, received an unheard of 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes. While it has since dropped to 85% (blame the general public for that), it still remains one of the most-watched and enjoyed streaming programmes of modern times. 

5. Opens your cultural horizons

When was the last time you watched a non-English programme? Even though it’s masterfully dubbed, Squid Game gives you an appreciation of what the rest of the world must have to endure on a daily basis.

Plus, it opens up your eyes to South Korean culture and the hardships of those living in compromised conditions around the world. Never has a programme been so timely. 

6. Strong female characters

One of our favourite things about the series is the subtle strength of the female Squid Game characters. In the Gladiator-esque setting they find themselves in, the women (and elderly) are instantly written-off as weak.

It would be easy to label this as casual misogyny, except the women get the last laugh, and without any of the bravado of their male counterparts. It’s subtle, but girl power is in there somewhere.

7. Dalgona candy 

Forget the stellar acting from the Squid Games cast, Dalgona candy is the greatest discovery to come out of the show. We’re not alone in thinking it either, a swell of Dalgona love can be found on TikTok. We have a feeling this obsession isn’t going away. 

8. Perfect Halloween inspo

Like all good cult shows, Squid Game costumes are being touted as the big Halloween trend for 2021. You don’t want to miss out on that surely? Choose from a snazzy green tracksuit, or the red hoody with a circle, square or triangle featured on the Squid Game mask. You have to watch it to get it…

9. Ride the Korean wave

If you aren’t already riding the tidal wave of Korean love, now’s the time to climb on board. Already named one of the top destinations for 2021 by Lonely Planet, and as the second fastest-growing language in the world, South Korea has never been more fashionable.

10. Because it lives up to the hype

There’s a bleakness, darkness and depravity about Squid Game that isn’t for the faint-hearted. Yet, it obviously triggers something in the human psyche, awakening our inner curiosity, for it to be so perversely popular. And try as you might, it’s impossible to look the other way. 

So tell us – are you in or are you out?

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