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Best TikTok Animal Accounts 2021
Best TikTok Animal Accounts 2021


The 12 Best TikTok Animal Accounts 2021 You Have To Follow

Brighten your feed with our fave furry friends that will make you say AW

Our fave TikTok animal stars to add some cute laughs into your day.

The internet is a wonderful place, and perhaps one of the greatest things it has brought into our lives is an endless stream of adorable animal videos to brighten our day.

I don’t care who you are, there is no one in the world who doesn’t love a funny animal video. TikTok is now a worldwide sensation and with it has come a surge of furry celebrities who have a dedicated following of adoring fans.

From puppies in dress up to dancing ferrets, there is just about every kind of pet you can think of starring on your feed today- and we’ve come up with the best of the bunch to get your fluffy fix (it was really tough research).


This nut obsessed pup has a knack for coming home with a mouth full of acorns after his walks and he couldn’t be cuter. Lucky for us his owner has decided to start videoing his daily attempts to sneak acorns into the house and he is now rising in popularity because of his cheeky determination.


My dog tries to sneak acorns in every time we come in from a walk #MyRoutine #fyp #foryoupage #dogsoftiktok

♬ original sound – Clay Dixon


Hamsters have risen in popularity over the last few years, and what’s cuter then dwarf hamsters in little outfits with tiny props? These cuties will melt your heart and put a smile on your face on the daily.


If you are a regular TikTok user then you have surely come across this account- but we received some very sad news just the other day that our favourite beloved monkey George passed away (sobs). Even though George is gone we’ll still be getting regular unseen videos posted and cute-as appearances from his sister Lacy so theres plenty more monkey loving to go around.


Reply to @yevie2020 George is ALL SMILES in his 10th official #fanmailfriday 🐵🥰 The best one yet! TYSM to all who made this happen! 😍 #smile

♬ original sound – Georgie Boy


This golden retriever has stolen our heart with his to adorable outfits and happy smile, and he is sure to steal yours as well.


Any husky owner will know this breed is just full of personality, and Kona is an absolute character who just loves the sound of his own voice and is always talking up a storm in his household. He’s not one to shy away from a big tantrum either, and it is so adorably funny to listen to his little rants.


Still trying to figure out if this is a bear or a dog, but either way he is 125lbs of fluffy cuteness and we’re here for it.

Another one of the best animal accounts on TikTok is this giant alaskan malamute who’s a bundle of fun and we just love watching him on camera.


Dogs can’t always steal the show, so if hedgehogs are more your thing than look no further- you’ll probably be searching for your nearest hedgehog breeder after scrolling through this little guys feed.


Follow the adventures of Maxine the fluffy corgi and her owner through New York City as he straps her into his backpack and takes her with him pretty much everywhere he goes, we might need to invest in a backpack for our own pooches now…


If you’re looking for massive laughs then Scott Hubbard and his pup have you covered. She can pull off any pair of sunnies and her dance moves are out of this world.


Ah Hekk- We love Tucker. Why is there something so funny and cute about a dog with subtitles? Linda has decided to make our day by taking us inside the mind of her cute furry companion and narrating his daily life.


This kitty has the cutest big eyes ever and we could just die over them. Who doesn’t want to see a cute cat on their feed everyday?


Talking to the moon✨ 10% discount use code —> PETHROOM10.The link on my bio for those cute products🥺#fyp #foryoupage #cat #bathcat #animalmonth

♬ Talking to the Moon – Relaxing music


Last but certainly not least our favourite dancing ferrets are cooking up a storm in the kitchen with a little chef hat to match- who would have thought we’d be so invested in a ferret.



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