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TikTok Star Shelby Young Can Do Any Disney Voice!

The TikTok sensation showing us how Disney voices are done

The voice actor that can pull off any Disney impression you can think of

If you listen to Shelby Young’s videos with your eyes shut you would almost never believe it’s not coming straight out of a Disney movie, she’s that good.

@shelbyhyoung is an American actress turned TikTok star pulling out some killer impressions with her impressive voice acting skills. You might recognize her voice from Star Wars Forces Of Destiny or her face from her roles in Wild Child and American Horror Story.

Her videos demonstrate how she can shift from one voice into the next and morph the characters together just by slightly changing her tone or accent so you get to experience how she achieves such spot-on impressions. Disclaimer, it’s not as easy as it seems- I already tried.

Check out some of her stuff below:


Buzzfeed made a compilation of my Disney voices 🥺❤️ The full vid is even longer than this! Still can’t believe it #fyp #disney #voiceactor

♬ original sound – Shelby Young

Reply to @heistleery Almost to the double digits?!? Part 9 😱 #fyp #disney #voiceover #morph #voiceactor

♬ original sound – Shelby Young

Reply to @themcleodfam I’m back home so that meaaaans part 7!!! #fyp #disney #voiceover #morph #voiceactor

♬ original sound – Shelby Young

But Disney isn’t the only thing she does! She’s also recently showed off some Marvel and Rugrats impressions- is there anything this woman can’t do!


I’ve been getting requests to do this for a while! Who should I do next? #fyp #voiceactor #impressions #marvel #disney

♬ original sound – Shelby Young

Rugrats impressions! Thanks @nickelodeon for the fun box of goodies! #voiceover #voiceactor

♬ original sound – Shelby Young

Why not make a game out of it too and get the family together to pause and guess who’s voice she’s going into before she announces them.

You can follow @shelbyhyoung on TikTok or Instagram to check out all her videos.

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