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Top 11 The Simpsons Episodes of All Time – Top 10 Was Too Hard

Even choosing only a top 11 was hard.

How do you choose the top The Simpsons episodes? Well, it’s a task that was not very easy at all and very controversial.

We started with an attempt at a Top 10, however, to ensure no one was physically harmed we settled on a list of our top 11 in no particular order.

Deep Space Homer (Season 5, Episode 15)

Barney and Homer compete to become the first average American in space.

Cape Feare (Season 5, Episode 2)

“Sideshow Bob” returns to Springfield for revenge against Bart for exposing his murder plot.

Last Exit Springfield (Season 4, Episode 17)

Homer takes on Mr Burns in a labor struggle that rapidly spirals out of control; when Homer leads the workers out on strike, Mr. Burns retaliates by hiring robots to replace them and shutting off power to the city.

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