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What To Watch On Netflix 2021: Top 21 Shows You Need To Binge On Netflix Australia

Instead of scrolling for hours on what to watch – just hit up our Netflix must-watch list below.

Tired of scrolling for an hour through the hundreds of options on Netflix and still finding nothing to watch? We have you covered with the top bingeable shows you just have to see- grab the snacks and get comfy, these will keep you busy for a while.


If you haven’t already jumped onto this classic let me tell you now, you are missing out.

This show has absolutely everything from violence and gore to epic romance and all 6 seasons are ready and waiting for you on Netflix. The characters in Vikings are based on actual historical figures and the series mixes historical facts with myths and legends to create an epic tale following the life and legacy of Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) and his family. Ragnar is a simple farmer who rises to become a King and discovers new lands for his Viking armies to claim and raid.

Warning: You will become emotionally attached to the characters in this show.

Outer Banks

This nostalgic teen drama follows the son of a missing man who is on a mission to complete his father’s life work by finding The Royal Merchant (a sunken ship from 1829) and obtaining its $400 million in gold.

He enlists the help of his three best-friends, and they embark on an epic treasure hunt with plenty of drama and romance in between.

New Girl

Do you ever get in that mood to chuck on a show that’s super light-hearted and not too challenging on the brain after a long day?

Yep, this is the one. This comedy series is finally on Australian Netflix and follows Jess (Zooey Deschanel) a quirky schoolteacher who moves into a loft with three guys she has never met before. What pursues is a series of hilarious events surrounding the dysfunctional group as they navigate their way through life and love- if you are a Brooklyn Nine-Nine or Happy Endings fan you’ll eat this show up.


We all love a great historical drama with a juicy scandal and Bridgerton is the hot topic of the new year with many raving fans jumping on social media to express their love.

This tale based on the best-selling book series is set in 1813 London and follows Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dynevor), daughter of a wealthy and powerful family, who breaks onto the cut-throat Regency London scene in search of the perfect marriage match. Enter the Duke of Hastings (Regé-Jean Page), who proposes a fake courtship to benefit both parties- and I think you can take a guess at what happens next.


Crime junkies this one is for you. In the late 1970’s two FBI agents set out to interview America’s most notorious serial killers such as Ed Kemper and Charles Manson in order to dive deep into the psychology behind the madness.

Agent Ford (Jonathon Groff) and Agent Bill Tench (Holt McCallany) travel the country solving crimes and developing profiles to help identify criminals faster and eventually coin the term ‘serial killer’. While all of this is going on, we also catch glimpses of a mystery man in Kansas who will eventually turn into the infamous BTK killer and follow the dramas of both Agent’s at home- an exciting thriller with so many juicy cases making this the ultimate crime junkie dream show.  

The Crown

Another historical drama filled with drama, family divide, political rivalries and romance.

This series follows the life of Queen Elizabeth (Olivia Coleman) as she prepares to lead the world’s most famous monarchy. As the 70’s end the family are in search of a wife for Prince Charles who sparks a romance with one Lady Diana Spencer and tensions build between Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and The Queen.

The Queen’s Gambit

This limited series based on the novel by Walter Tevis centres around the life of an orphan, Beth Harmon (Anya Taylor-Joy), who discovers a talent for chess and embarks on a journey to break boundaries in the male-dominated world of competitive chess while battling a drug addiction and emotional issues.


American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy has a new thriller that will have you gasping in shock every 5 seconds.

Mildred Ratched (Sarah Paulson) journeys to Northern California to gain employment at a physchiatric hospital where she begins a game of manipulation to infiltrate the system. If you have a weak stomach maybe give this one a miss- an asylum plus Ryan Murphy can only mean extreme gore scenes are on the cards.


This dramedy follows a dysfunctional family in Chicago as the six children battle against their alcoholic father to build their own lives and escape their grim reality of booze, drugs and little to no money. The series is crude, funny and heartwarming at times and the characters are a refreshing dose of authentic that showcase all our human imperfections we’d rather not see.

Emily in Paris

Sex and the City fans unite because Darren Star is back with a new binge-worthy series that will give you all the romantic cliché’s your heart desires.

Emily (Lily Collins) is a young American woman who moves to Paris in pursuit of her dream job and the show follows her highs and lows as she navigates a new career, new friendships and of course a drama-filled love life filled with gorgeous French suitors- a new guilty pleasure show to add to the list.

Tiny Pretty Things

Think Dance Academy but darker.

Tiny Pretty Things is a new kid on the block and it enters the fierce world of elite ballet at Chicago’s Archer School of Ballet. Neveah () gets a rare chance to attend the academy after its shining star Cassie Shore is pushed to her death. In the world of ballet, competition is ruthless and Neveah will discover this as she faces frenemies, scandals and an array of interesting characters.

Animal Kingdom

17-year-old Joshua ‘J’ Cody (Finn Cole) is placed with his relatives in Southern California after his mum dies of a heroin overdose.

But this family is nothing but ordinary, they are funded by criminal activities and Josh soon finds himself dragged into a life of danger, crime and family drama.


This coming of age series will make you laugh and it will make you cry.

It follows the life of Sam (Keir Gilchrist), an 18-year old autistic boy navigating his way through high school when he decides it is time for him to get a girlfriend and become more independent which gives his Mum room to find a new purpose in life. The show aims to provide more understanding surrounding autism while also following a range of great characters as they battle with love, friends and life.

The 100

In a post-apocalyptic world, humans have left Earth to live in space after a nuclear war destroys civilisation.

The life support system on the spaceship housing all the human survivors is failing and a decision is made to send 100 young prisoners down to Earth which sparks a new hope for them to come back down to Earth- but all is definitely not what it seems.

Good Girls

A comedy with twists of crime and drama throughout that will have you hooked.

Three suburban Mum’s are tight on cash and struggling to pay the bills when they have a lightbulb moment- why not rob a supermarket and take all the cash from the safe? What could possibly go wrong right! Of course it does go wrong, and what follows is a desperate attempt to save their skin and get their lives back.

Dead to Me

An unlikely friendship blossoms between Jen (Christina Applegate), a recent widow who lost her husband in a hit and run accident, and Judy (Linda Cardellini) who has also suffered a loss of her own when they meet in a support group.

Dead to Me is funny yet serious and on the surface of everything lies a huge secret underneath- one that could tear this friendship apart.

Sex Education

Otis (Asa Butterfield) is a teenage boy just trying to get through high school with a sex therapist for a mother when feisty and rebellious Maeve (Emma Mackey) comes along and turns his whole world upside down.

They join forces to set up a sex therapy clinic at school in an attempt to make some fast cash and help their classmates through the hormonal whirlpool of teenage emotions. The show is raw, hilarious and not afraid to shy away from the big topics.

Peaky Blinders

Set in 1900’s England after the end of the First World War the series follows all the exploits and adventures of The Shelby family, a notorious gang who ultimately control the city and are led by Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy).

Tommy’s plan is simple- to build an empire and stop anyone in his path, and he won’t stop until he has conquered more then just Birmingham.


Ever wanted to see through the eyes of a psychopathic stalker and know what they’re thinking?

Yeah me too. You follows Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), a simple bookstore manager who grows a dangerous infatuation with aspiring writer Guinevere Beck. Joe will do anything to be with her, and absolutely no one will stand in his way. And if you love the sound of Season One, just wait until you get to Season Two- the plot twist will blow your mind.


A married couple relocate their family to the Ozarks after Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) discovers his business partner has been dealing with Mexican drug cartels and they are forced to start a money laundering business in order to spare his life. The family fall deeper into the criminal underworld and the line between right and wrong slowly starts to disappear.

Cobra Kai

Relive all those 80s feels with Cobra Kai.

Thirty-four years after events of the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament, a down-and-out Johnny Lawrence seeks redemption by reopening the infamous Cobra Kai dojo, reigniting his rivalry with a now successful Daniel LaRusso.

Strike first, strike hard, no mercy!

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