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Top Gun 2 - Top Gun Maverick
Top Gun 2 - Top Gun Maverick


Top Gun Maverick: Cast, Release Date, Plot & More

The wait is over, Top Gun: Maverick is almost here.

Maverick is back… well nearly.

There’s a certain irony around Top Gun’s most famous line ‘the need for speed’, given the
numerous delays that Top Gun Maverick has faced. However, with a global pandemic and various production issues, the Top Gun Maverick release date for Australia has been pushed back from last summer to this one, and once again to November 2021.

Well, what’s a few more months when you’ve been waiting 30 years for a sequel.

In giddy excitement, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about Top Gun: Maverick. But before you strap in for the ride, here’s the official Top Gun trailer to whet your appetite.

Watch: Top Gun: Maverick Trailer

Who are the new Top Gun Maverick cast?

Top Gun wouldn’t be Top Gun without Tom Cruise, and it’s no secret that he returns in this
sequel, reprising his role as the charming and skilful rogue Maverick. Undertaking as many
stunts as his insurance papers will allow, Cruise has buffed up for the role with extensive

In other good news, the Top Gun Maverick cast features Iceman (Val Kilmer) who’s back to shake things up, and of course there’s Bradley ‘Rooster’ Bradshaw, played by Miles Teller. If his name sounds familiar, that’s because he’s the son of the late ‘Goose’ – Maverick’s best buddy who met an untimely end in the first movie (tissues at the ready).

We’re pleased to see Jennifer Connelly take the role of Penny Benjamin – a local bar owner and love-interest of Maverick. Children of the 80s will affectionately remember her as Sarah in the masterpiece that is Labyrinth.

Along with stars such as Ed Harris, Manny Jacinto and Glen Powell, you also have Jon Hamm to look forward to, portraying a high-ranking Navy officer. And yes, he wears a uniform well.

Top Gun Maverick: The Plot

Chances are, the last time you watched Top Gun you were probably in shoulder pads and
flammable clothes, such was the summer of ’86. So, let’s take a quick journey down memory
lane. In the original movie, hotshot and heartthrob Maverick (Cruise) wades in to Top Gun flying school with a cocksure attitude that ruffles the other pilots, especially nemesis Iceman (Val Kilmer). Competing to be the top fighter pilot, and fighting for the affections of flight instructor Charlotte (Kelly McGillis), we know what happens next…

Fast forward to 2021 and the impressive Top Gun 2 cast, along with the modernised storylines, provide the perfect backdrop for a new era.

This time around, however, Pete ‘Maverick’ is 30 years wiser and now one of the top ranking
aviators in the Navy. He’s exactly where he should be, pushing the limits as a test pilot while
managing to avoid the corporate world, which would otherwise ground him. However, it’s during a special training mission that he encounters Lt Bradley Bradshaw ‘Rooster’ and becomes his mentor. Going full circle, he is the son of Mavericks’ late friend.

This forces Maverick to face his demons and ghosts of Top Gun past. This all culminates in a
stomach-churning mission, which requires the ultimate sacrifice from those worthy enough to be called up. Basically, you’ll be hanging off the edge of your seat the whole way through.

What else can you expect from Top Gun 2?

Nostalgia aside, the movie hopes to stand out in its own right by using the latest technology, high-definition film, and mind-blowing aerial footage to create an action-packed ride; the sort you have to go to the cinema to truly appreciate. This is no surprise when you learn that Joseph Kosinski (Oblivion, Tron, Legacy) is at the helm as director – a well-known fan of CGI and unapologetic action scenes.

Putting you in the front seat of what it’s like to be a fighter pilot- expect drones, fifth-generation fighters and plenty of BDE (look it up!) from the highly-anticipated release of Top Gun 2.

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