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Umbrella Academy Season 2 Behind The Scenes Netflix Podcast
Umbrella Academy Season 2 Behind The Scenes Netflix Podcast


Umbrella Academy Behind The Scenes Podcast

Having Umbrella Academy withdrawals? There’s a Podcast that goes behind the scenes of season 2.

Go behind the scenes of Netflix’s biggest show in 2020 – The Umbrella Academy.

In case you are missing The Umbrella Academy there’s a podcast which takes you behind the scenes of Season 2.

Different time period, same family drama. But just how did the writers, cast, and crew go from 2019 to 1963? After you watch all of season 2, host Brandon Jenkins (Mogul, There’s Something About Dolemite) takes you through the process of making this hit TV show, from the writers room to post-production, all the way to your screen.

Episode Guide

Umbrella Academy Behind The Scenes Podcast

A Dysfunctional Family Show

Behind the Scenes is back, and this season, we’re time traveling with the Umbrella Academy. Creator Gerard Way, of My Chemical Romance, illustrator/co-creator Gabriel Ba, and showrunner Steve Blackman walk us through how this dysfunctional family of anti-heroes ended up on our screens.

When Are We?

Go dig deeper into the world of The Umbrella Academy on the newest season of Netflix’s podcast Behind The Scenes. Each season explores a new Netflix obsession and talks to the people that brought the show to life, from cast to crew. Previous season include Stranger Things and The Witcher. Listen now to a trailer, and find the podcast on all platforms.

Location Negotiation

In this episode, we learn how a little Canadian town was transformed into the show’s bustling backdrops. From negotiations with farmers and shop owners to creating spaces for the show’s more eccentric characters, we’ll hear from the crew about how they created the world of Umbrella.

Crank The Music

Music is a character in the world of Umbrella Academy, and it takes different forms. There’s the score, needle drops, an original song. It even makes its way into the script. In this episode, we talk to the people who chose the music of the show, and we’ll talk to them about some of your favorite musical moments of season two.

Fighting With The Family

When you’ve got super powers, you’re going to get into fights. Whether it’s a tight hallway match, or a major outdoor battle, the Academy gets into their fair share of scuffles. We talk to the stunt coordinator who choreographs these fights, the actors who perform them, and the VFX team who adds that superhero flair.

Getting Into Characters

The heart of this show is a family drama. In this episode we’ll be talking with actors Aidan Gallagher (Five), Justin H. Min (Ben), Tom Hopper (Luther) and Kate Walsh (The Handler) to find out what their audition process was like, what they thought of the comics, and what external forces influenced their characters.

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