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Victory The Podcast: Relive Entourage One Episode At A Time

Entourage podcast – one episode at a time.

Entourage the podcast – everything you need to know!

Every now and then, a boxset comes along that defines a generation. For men in their twenties living through the noughties, the Entourage series was exactly that. If you don’t know what we mean, take a look at the Entourage trailer for the movie, which brings the glitz, glamour and machismo of the show to life.

Airing between 2004 and 201 there were 96 Entourage episodes over eight seasons – plus a motion picture, responsible for a legion of fans. But the fun doesn’t end there, because the Emmy-winning creator Doug Ellin and Kevin Dillon have collaborated again for all the throwback feels. Only this time, it’s in podcast format, better known as Victory the Podcast.

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In recent years there’s been a real appetite for nostalgia, especially 80s and 90s shows like the recent Friends reunion. So it’s no surprise that Doug Ellin has created an unmissable weekly podcast which relives the brilliance of each of the Entourage episodes.

Proving that it’s never too late to the party, here’s your chance to pour over each episode in 45-minutes (sometimes an hour) of pure entertainment, with comedy and commentary thrown in for good measure. Oh, and the occasional famous friend pops in too.

75 and counting

Fans of the show will definitely not be disappointed, especially since there’s 75 podcast episodes which take a “deep-dive” into the in’s and outs of the show. If you’re aching for behind the scenes stories, anecdotes from your favourite stars and general banter, this is for you. In many ways, it’s akin to an afternoon in the pub with your best buds… loaded with atmosphere, fun and insight like how they shot on a rollercoaster and thoughts around alternative storylines. But, best of all, the podcast features some iconic Hollywood names making guest appearances, with laugh-out-loud stories to share.

Not sure where to slide in? Check out the Victory the podcast reviews on Apple for some of the best episodes. Here’s a shortcut to some of our favourite episodes:

  • Chuckies Back (12 April 2021)

Here Hollywood legend Charlie Sheen takes over Kevin Dillon’s role and tries to understand the new world with social media stars Griffin Johnson and Josh Richards.

  • Charlie Sheen (24 March 2021)

More shenanigan for fans of Charlie Sheen – no caption needed – we’ll leave it right here.

  • Jeremy Piven (parts 1 and 2) (23 and 30 December 2020)

Unquestionably, one of the most listened to Victory the Podcasts – Jeremy Piven’s episodes are a must for Entourage lovers. Here the three-time Emmy winner, who played Ari Gold in the hit series, talks about everything in front of and behind the lens. It’s fair to say nothing is off limits. 

  • Melinda Clarke (14 May 2021)

She featured in The O.C as Julie Cooper and as professional dominatrix Lady Heather on CSI. There’s no end to her talent, or humour, as we get a glimpse in this episode.

  • Jeff Garlin (19 May 2021)

Jeff Garlin, star of Curb your Enthusiasm, talks about his favourite moments from Entourage as well as Curb and Meet the Goldbergs. It’s blisteringly funny.

  • I love you too, Vanessa Angel (2 December 2020)

Joined by Vanessa Angel, the guys discuss the episode “I Love You Too”, famously known as the first time Dillon (aka Drama) screams ‘VICTORY’! 

Tune in, turn on, hang out…

Even if you haven’t watched the entire Entourage series, guaranteed you’ll love this podcast. The beauty of its production is that there’s so much fodder and candid chat that it’s accessible to dip into, whether you’ve seen one, none, or all of the shows.

If you’re yearning to catch up on the iconic series, sadly there’s no Entourage on Netflix. Instead, you’ll have to opt for Google Play, iTunes or BINGE, to get your fix. 

Meanwhile, Victory the Podcast is now available to steam and listen on Apple.

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