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Vivo Netflix Review
Vivo Netflix Review


Vivo Netflix Review: 8 Reasons Why Vivo Hits All The Right Notes

The whole family will be singing and dancing with Vivo.

Vivo Netflix Review: A must watch family movie.

Lin-Manuel Miranda and smash-hits go together like kinkajous and figs. What’s a kinkajou you say? Well, it’s a fig-loving member of the raccoon family and star of Manuel’s latest film.

In short, Vivo is a furry friend (voiced by Manuel), embarking on an adventure to fulfil a promise – delivering a song for a dear friend. And as you’d expect from the Hamilton hit-maker, there’s a rousing soundtrack to accompany it.

As if you need any more convincing on the Vivo movie Netflix is streaming right now, then read on.

Here are 8 reasons why it hits all the right notes.

  1. It celebrates Cuban culture

Bringing a touch of Latino flavour to global audiences, the film follows the South American racoon on a journey from Cuba to Miami. With inside jokes for those in the know and Spanish dialogue in parts, it’s a wonderful homage to all that is great about the Cuban culture.

  1. The glossy production

Granted, the storyline might not be the strongest, but the Vivo movie doesn’t’ skimp on production values.

Perhaps in part, because it was made by Sony, along with the epic talent of Lin’s musical skills, deviating from his existing Disney deal. The result is a well-produced, bright and colourful movie that will keep the little ones entertained for an hour and a half. 

  1. Universal family fun

With a U-rating, you know this is one Netflix flick you can whack on the TV whilst you get all your chores done, without worrying about inappropriate content for the kids.

The sweet and charming adventure, however, is likely to draw you in too, so perhaps you won’t get that much done after all.

  1. Critics like it…

Movie critics are normally a hard bunch to impress.

Yet, Variety calls it a “rich, professional look of first-rate computer animation” whilst the New York Times describe the songs as “stellar”. What’s more, the Vivo Rotten Tomatoes audience score is 73%, not bad for a newly released Netflix family movie.

  1. There’s a new pet to get obsessed with

Finding Nemo gave us clownfish, Peter Rabbit gave us bunnies and The Secret Life of Pets gave us cats, dogs and hamster.

What’s left you might wonder. How about a kinkajou?

That’s right, opening another chamber of ‘awww’ in our lives, we’re introduced to the wonder of this fury four-legged animal native to South America, that’s enjoying its moment in the limelight.

Cue a surge for kinkajou-based toys this Christmas…

  1. The hip-shaking soundtrack

You know how kids just LOVE to watch movies on repeat like every time is the first time.

Well tired parents won’t mind with the latest Vivo movie, thanks to its rocking soundtrack. And frankly, what more would you expect from a multi-award winning musical artist such as Lin-Manuel Miranda himself. The mastermind behind Hamilton – the biggest musical of all time, who also contributed ‘How far I’ll go’ to Moana, knows how to write a movie score.

Anthemic Disney-esque tunes with a Cuban gloss include the catchy beat of ‘Love’s gonna pick you up’, to the gentle ‘Inside your heart’ by icon Gloria Estefan. It’s Cuban-heel-tapping all the way.

  1. A stellar cast

Let’s talk Vivo Netflix cast a moment. There’s a real mix in here, with someone for everyone.

Zoe Saldana (Avatar, Guardians of the Galaxy) stuns as the voice of Rosa, whilst Lin brings all the character and charm of Vivo to life as the mischievous kind-hearted furball.

And what Cuban movie would be complete without the Queen herself – Gloria Estefan (all the 80s throwback feels) as Marta.

  1. It’s fun loving

The final summary and point of our Vivo Netflix Review, Vivo is a feel-good summer hit (winter in Australia), that’s easy on the eyes and happy on the toe-tapping feet.

Watch: Vivo Trailer

The Vivo Netflix release date in Australia was 6 August 2021, and can be streamed now.

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