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1994 – What to watch on Nextflix.

Archival video and new interviews examine Mexican politics in 1994, a year marked by the rise of the EZLN and the assassination of Luis Donaldo Colosio.

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1994 Details

Episode One: The Successor

Mexican political experts, including ex-President Carlos Salinas, detail Luis Donaldo Colosio’s rise to become the PRI presidential candidate in 1993.

Episode Two: The Revolution

The Zapatista uprising in early 1994 brings peacemaker Camacho sudden fame, changing the electoral landscape. Colosio gives a powerful, rousing speech.

Episode Three: The Snake

Witnesses recount the chaos that ensued when Colosio was assassinated after a campaign rally in Tijuana, leading to the interrogation of Mario Aburto.

Episode Four: Eagle Knight

Zedillo announces his presidential candidacy. Multiple special prosecutors are assigned to Colosio’s murder investigation. Mario Aburto stands trial.

Episode Five: Round Earth

Insiders recall the post-election economic crisis. Raúl Salinas remembers his 1995 arrest. Those close to Colosio discuss the impact of his death.

Release: 2019
Classification: MA 15+
Genres: True Crime Documentaries

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