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Dexter 2021 - Jim Lindsay
Dexter 2021 - Jim Lindsay


Hello Jim Lindsay: Another Dexter Season 9 Teaser Released

Dexter is no more.

Dexter is no more. Nice to meet you, Jim Lindsay.

Showtime has just dropped another teaser for Dexter or should we sim Jimmy, Jimbo or Mr Lindsay.

In the latest Showtime teaser for Dexter Season 9, we are introduced to Jim Lindsay as he’s seen walking to streets of his new home town in upstate New York.

What is of interest though is that Dexter (Jim) seems to be carrying a leather case which if we know anything about the old Dexter looks like it could be his trusty ‘tool kit’.

It is also interesting to note in the trailer that our initial thoughts that Dexter had perhaps learnt from his mistakes of getting too close to people and becoming too friendly seem to have been thrown out the window as he walks to streets of the small town in upstate New York greeting members of the community.

Has Dexter learnt how to manage his emotions better? Has he learnt to game people better?

This seems to be the case while he is happy, smiling and interacting with everyone, but as soon as he sees a brand new hunting knife in the window (continuing from the last teaser of getting back to nature) that old Dexter looks came straight back.

Watch: Mr Lindsay around Town

Nice to meet you, Jim Lindsay. America’s favorite serial killer Dexter Morgan is back on SHOWTIME® in a new 10-episode limited series coming this fall. Starring Michael C. Hall. Watch the new Dexter Limited Series premiering in 2021.

Dexter Season 9 Release Date

All we know so far is that the 10 episode season will be released in the U.S fall with no specific date confirmed just yet.

Dexter Season 9 Release Date Australia

As there has been no release date set for Dexter Season 9 there has been no offical word on when and how Dexter Season 9 will be available in Australia.

What we do know is that Stan has the rights to Showtime, which means that they will likely be the streaming provider for Dexter in Australia and one would hope that they will shave the episodes available as it is aired in the U.S.

Watch all seasons of Dexter on Stan or if you have a VPN (we recommend Express VPN) watch now on Netflix U.S.

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