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encino man reboot
encino man reboot


Hey Buuuuuu-dy… Are They Thawing A New Encino Man?

We’ve seen a bit of talk… Encino Man be getting a reboot?

Star Pauly Shore is keen for a sequel.

Cali skater bro classic, Encino Man, helped launch the careers of stars Pauly Shore, Sean Astin, and total dreamboat Brendan Fraser. Panned by critics but adored by fans worldwide, the movie was an unexpected hit (and the 1-2 punch of Encino and Wayne’s World shaped slacker Cali-slacker humour) and is still endlessly quoted to this day.

Watch The Encino Man Trailer

In a statement to make you feel like an ancient caveman yourself, Encino Man just rounded its 29th (!?) anniversary, and the cringe king of bad moves Shore took to social media to celebrate.

Not a bad tact considering reboot and fan campaign culture is currently sky-high. Surely if we can get a whole series from Mighty Ducks and a sequel to Hocus Pocus we can thaw out this loved cult bad movie?

Everyone’s favourite Hobbit and all-round best boy Sean Astin sounds keen too;

“I have always wanted to see a television series about Betty Nugs, who was the female cave person that was resurrected from the swimming pool at the end of the movie,… So I think it absolutely should happen. If they make a sequel, I’d be more than happy to play a part.”

Now, all we need is the man himself, Brendan Fraser back on board. After some rough years, his career has been on a resurgence in recent times. What better way to thank his fans who campaigned so hard for him than a return to a silly yet iconic role? For real, though, can we also get him back on a Mummy sequel too?

Hopefully, Disney opens the Scrooge money vault and slings a few bucks Shore’s way and we can dig into Encino reboot with some nugs, chillin’ and grindage!

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