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Lucifer Season 5 Netflix
Lucifer Season 5 Netflix


What’s the Go – Lucifer Season 5

How does the new season of Lucifer compare?

If you’re on Netflix, there’s a good chance you’ve been dragged into a binge-watching marathon of ‘Lucifer’ and you’re getting ready to watch the brand-new Season 5: Part One.

The hit show follows the sophisticated and sexy devil Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) who decides to take a much-needed vacation to Earth where he meets Chloe Decker (Lauren German) a dedicated detective and instant love interest. Lucifer and Chloe begin to solve cases together with each episode bringing a brand-new crime that always seems to tie in with their own life problems and ends with the killer being caught in the last 10 minutes (shocker).

If you’re looking for a show that gives you a taste of every genre this could be it- Lucifer provides laughs, action, romance, tears and crime all mashed together in one with crazy character development and plot twists around every corner.

Season 4 left everyone on the edge of their seats with the final scene collectively breaking hearts around the globe. Lucifer has been forced to go back to hell and reveals to Chloe that she was his first love, and she confesses her love for him as well- and that’s where they leave us, giving us a small taste of the ending we all crave but leaving us with so many unanswered questions.

So, what’s in store for you in the first part of Season 5? (SPOILER ALERT)

The first 8 episodes released for this season have received mixed opinions and left some feeling disappointed.

The season begins with Michael, Lucifer’s twin brother, coming to Earth with a thirst for vengeance and an interest in ruining everything Lucifer has built for himself-including his relationship with Chloe. Tom Ellis has absolutely nailed his role yet again in this season taking on completely different persona’s for both Michael and Lucifer and showcasing his diverse acting abilities.

Part one ends with an action-packed celestial showdown between the brothers after Amenadiel accidentally freezes every non-celestial upon learning that his son Charlie is in fact mortal. In the final scene we get our first glimpse of God (Dennis Haysbert) who appears to the brothers leaving us all wondering what will happen next.

General feedback from viewers has suggested there is no real character development at the start of this season, and it plays on with the same scenario’s from the last four seasons which has left some unsatisfied. It seems to viewers that the producers aren’t straying too far from their usual storyline however it still makes for an exciting watch and sets the stage brilliantly for part two leaving many (including myself) eagerly anticipating its arrival.

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