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Michael Jordan ‘The Last Dance’ Moves Up Release Date: Binge The 1998 NBA Finals Right Here In Anticipation

In good news for NBA fans (well sports fans in general given there is little to no sport on right now), ESPN is moving up the release of its Michael Jordan documentary “The Last Dance” from June to April.

For those that don’t know what ‘The Last Dance’ is watch the extended trailer below.

Watch: ‘The Last Dance’ exclusive trailer and footage: The untold story of Michael Jordan and the Bulls

Now that you are frothing – the 10-part series will now begin April 19 (well April 20 here in Australia).

The move was announced on Good Morning America on Tuesday in response to fans asking for more programming while sports are on hold because of the coronavirus.

For those that are thinking ‘oh but I don’t have ESPN…’ well for once, it pays to be living in Australia as the series will be available outside the United States on Netflix.

You can set your Netflix reminders and watch right here once it is available

But while you have to wait for April 20th for the documentary mini-series to hit – you can binge the whole 97-98 NBA Finals right here and relive the finals series of the season the documentary was built on.

Game One

Game Two

Game Three

Game Four

Game Five

Game Six

Binge more! Watch Michael Jordan 97-98 highlights – 10 minutes worth – the man has game!

Watch: Michael Jordan Offense Highlights Montage 1997/1998

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