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You - Netflix Australia October 2021
You - Netflix Australia October 2021


Netflix Australia October 2021: Release Schedule And What To Watch

Everything coming to Netflix Australia, October 2021.

A full list of everything coming to Netflix Australia October 2021.

Spooky season is here- yes, it’s October already, where has the time gone.

Netflix is really turning it up this October with 94 new releases, so you will be at absolutely no shortage of something to watch.

Kicking off with a bang, get your Halloween fix sorted with horror movie classics like The Conjuring, Nightmare On Elm Street and The Invisible Man plus a new Netflix slasher from the creators of Stranger Things and The Conjuring.

But what we’re possibly most excited about is the third season of You. Following on from a nail-biting cliffhanger in season 2, we can’t wait to see what the normal neighbours next door have in store for us. Prepare for the most twisted, dark season yet- very fitting for an October release.

Netflix Australia October 2021 Highlights

You: Season 3

Release Date: 15/10/2021

They’re just the nice, normal neighbours next door.


Release Date: 01/10/2021

One young mother’s incredible story of survival and resilience as she navigates the world of poverty, abuse and redefining her worth against all odds.

The Guilty

Release Date: 01/10/2021

The Guilty takes place over the course of a single morning in a 911 dispatch call center. Call operator Joe Bayler (Gyllenhaal) tries to save a caller in grave danger—but he soon discovers that nothing is as it seems, and facing the truth is the only way out.

A Nightmare On Elm Street (2010)

Release Date: 01/10/2021

After Kris and her boyfriend Dean die due to a mysterious dream, Nancy, their friend, who has been having similar dreams realises that the killer finds his victims when they fall asleep.

The Conjuring

Release Date: 01/10/2021

Based on a true story, “The Conjuring” tells the horrifying tale of how world renowned paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren were called upon to help a family terrorized by a dark presence in a secluded farmhouse.

Army Of Thieves

Release Date: 29/10/2021

In this prequel to Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead, small-town bank teller Dieter gets drawn into the adventure of a lifetime when a mysterious woman recruits him to join a crew of Interpol’s most wanted criminals, attempting to heist a sequence of legendary, impossible-to-crack safes across Europe.

The Invisible Man

Release Date: 17/10/2021

Cecilia’s abusive ex-boyfriend fakes his death and becomes invisible to stalk and torment her. She begins experiencing strange events and decides to hunt down the truth on her own.

Seinfeld S1-9

Release Date: 01/10/2021

We all have that one friend. Meet four of them. This Fall’s hottest new show is finally moving in — to Netflix

On My Block Season 4

Release Date: 04/10/2021

One last time around the block.

Night Teeth

Release Date: 20/10/2021

Benny’s entire world is turned upside down after picking up two mysterious girls who expose him to a secret world he never knew existed. He is suddenly hurled into their cryptic underworld on a mission to save his city from dripping in blood.

There’s Someone Inside Your House

Release Date: 06/10/2021

From the producers of Stranger Things and The Conjuring Universe, a high school senior (Sydney Park) and the rest of her new school’s graduating class are being targeted by a masked killer intent on exposing their darkest secrets to the world.

Wonder Woman 1984

Release Date: 01/10/2021

A new era of wonder begins.

Netflix Australia October 2021 – Full Schedule

Seinfeld Netflix Australia
All Seinfeld episodes coming to Netflix Australia in October

Netflix Original Series

  • MAID (01/10/2021)
  • Paik’s Spirit (01/10/2021)
  • On My Block Season 4 (04/10/2021)
  • The Five Juanas (06/10/2021)
  • Baking Impossible (06/10/2021)
  • The Billion Dollar Code (07/10/2021)
  • Sexy Beasts Season 2 (07/10/2021)
  • Pretty Smart (08/10/2021)
  • Family Business Season 3 (08/10/2021)
  • The King’s Affection (11/10/2021)
  • Reflection of You (13/10/2021)
  • Another Life Season 2 (14/10/2021)
  • You Season 3 (15/10/2021)
  • My Name (15/10/2021)
  • Little Things Season 4 (15/10/2021)
  • Sex, Love & Goop (21/10/2021)
  • Insiders (21/10/2021)
  • Life’s a Glitch with Julian Bam (21/10/2021)
  • Locke & Key Season 2 (22/10/2021)
  • Inside Job (22/10/2021)
  • Adventure Beast (22/10/2021)
  • More than Blue: The Series (22/10/2021)
  • Dynasty Season 4 (22/10/2021)
  • Sex Unzipped (26/10/2021)
  • Sintonia Season 2 (27/10/2021)
  • Luis Miguel – The Series Season 3 (28/10/2021)
  • Colin in Black & White (29/10/2021)
  • The Time It Takes (29/10/2021)
  • Mythomaniac Season 2 (29/10/2021)
  • An Astrological Guide for Broken Hearts (Coming Soon)
  • Call My Agent: Bollywood (Coming Soon)
  • Inspector Koo (Coming Soon)

Netflix Films

  • Swallow (01/10/2021)
  • The Guilty (01/10/2021)
  • Forever Rich (01/10/2021)
  • Upcoming Summer (03/10/2021)
  • Escape The Undertaker (05/10/2021)
  • There’s Someone Inside Your House (06/10/2021)
  • Grudge (08/10/2021)
  • My Brother, My Sister (08/10/2021)
  • Hiacynt (13/10/2021)
  • Fever Dream (13/10/2021)
  • One Night In Paris (14/10/2021)
  • The Forgotten Battle (15/10/2021)
  • The Trip (15/10/2021)
  • The Four of Us (15/10/2021)
  • In for a Murder (W jack morderstwo) (19/10/2021)
  • Night Teeth (20/10/2021)
  • Stuck Together (20/10/2021)
  • Litte Big Mouth (22/10/2021)
  • Hypnotic (27/10/2021)
  • Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight Part 2 (27/10/2021)
  • Army of Thieves (29/10/2021)
  • Dear Mother (29/10/2021)
  • A World Without (Coming Soon)

Netflix Original Documentaries

  • A Sinister Sect: Colonia Dignidad (01/10/2021)
  • Bad Sport (06/10/2021)
  • Making Malinche: A Documentary by Nacho Cano (12/10/2021)
  • The Movies That Made Us Season 3 (12/10/2021)
  • Convergence: Courage in a Crisis (12/10/2021)
  • Found (20/10/2021)
  • Flip a Coin – ONE OK ROCK Documentary (21/10/2021)
  • The Motive (28/10/2021)
  • House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths (Coming Soon)
  • The Raincoat Killer: Chasing a Predator in Korea (Coming Soon)

Netflix Kids

  • Scaredy Cats (01/10/2021)
  • A Tale Dark & Grimm (08/10/2021)
  • Pokemon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle (08/10/2021)
  • The Baby-Sitters Club Season 2 (11/10/2021)
  • Might Expres Season 5 (12/10/2021)
  • Sharkdog’s Fintastic Halloween (15/10/2021)
  • Karma’s World (15/10/2021)
  • Misfit: The Series (16/10/2021)
  • Gabby’s Dollhouse Season 3 (19/10/2021)
  • Go! Go! Cory Carson Season 6 (21/10/2021)
  • Maya and the Three (22/10/2021)

Netflix Anime

  • The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed by Light (01/10/2021)
  • Scissor Seven: Season 3 (03/10/2021)
  • The Way of the Househusband Season 1 Part 2 (07/10/2021)
  • Blue Period (09/10/2021)
  • Bright Samurai Soul (12/10/2021)
  • Komi Can’t Communicate (21/10/2021)

Other TV Series & Films

  • Seinfeld Seasons 1-9 (01/10/2021)
  • Cast Away (01/10/2021)
  • Wonder Woman 1984 (01/10/2021)
  • The Secret River (01/10/2021)
  • Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries Series 1-3 (01/10/2021)
  • Emma (03/10/2021)
  • Nekrotronic (15/10/2021)
  • The Invisible Man (17/10/2021)
  • Frayed (25/10/2021)
  • The Cry (25/10/2021)
  • Old People’s Home For 4 Year Olds (25/10/2021)
  • The Gentlemen (30/10/2021)

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