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Sexy Beasts Netflix
Sexy Beasts Netflix


Sexy Beasts Netflix: WTAF! Masked Singer Meets Love Is Blind

The new show taking blind dating to a whole new extreme.

Has Netflix lost the plot? Or is this bizarre new series the next big thing?

While watching the official trailer for Netflix’s new dating show Sexy Beasts I had to ask myself, am I in a fever dream right now? Or did I actually just witness a man in a prosthetic beaver mask speak the words “ass first, personality second”?

But apparently, I’m not, and this really is a new show on Netflix… welcome to Sexy Beasts!

The upcoming series can only be described as a strange mix of masked singer meets love is blind, where singles are transformed with elaborate prosthetic creations and makeup into whacky looking creatures and placed on dates that will truly test their ability to fall in love with someone based on personality alone. 

Either someone’s been putting some funny stuff in their coffee over at Netflix HQ, or this is crazy reality TV genius- we’ll let you be the judge.

Watch: Sexy Beasts Netflix Trailer

What to expect

Taking looks out of the equation, Sexy Beasts at its core is a dating show with a twist, aiming to answer the big question: do looks really matter?

Singles will go on dates as different animals and characters, giving them a chance to find love purely based on personality. Apparently just blindfolding them or putting them behind screens is to mainstream nowadays.

After they participate in several blind dates they will get the opportunity to choose a ‘sexy beast’ who they feel they really clicked with. They will have to wait until they’ve made their choice at the very end to finally take off their masks and reveal the person underneath, but will they like what they see?

The trailer has so far revealed a devil, panda, beaver, alien, mouse and what I’m assuming is supposed to be a dolphin for the first wave of characters.

Behind The Scenes

The new series is based on an old 2014 U.K series. Netflix has ordered not one but two seasons of it to go ahead, so I guess we can expect to see even more characters join the show.

Season 1 will consist of six 30 minute episodes that will be narrated by comedian Rob Delaney (Deadpool 2, Catastrophe). Creator and executive producer Simon Walton is extremely excited about the project and has hinted at an impressive international cast, saying in an interview that he hopes to put a smile on people’s faces while they watch the show – I think it’s safe to say he has already achieved that.

Sexy Beasts Netflix Release Date

Sexy Beasts will premiere on Netflix on July 21st this year.

I think we will all be keen to see what it’s all about either out of pure curiosity or disbelief. Either way, it’s sure to be a series that will turn a whole lot of heads.

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