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Netflix - Shadow and Bone Review
Netflix - Shadow and Bone Review
Source: Netflix


Shadow and Bone Review: 10 Reasons Why You Have To Watch It Right Now

This Netflix original is a must watch.

Shadow and Bone is a must-watch Netflix original.

It’s been a month since Shadow and Bone premiered on Netflix and you still haven’t made up your mind about giving this a try? Well, we dive in to provide a Shadow and Bone review with 10 spoiler-free reasons why you have to watch it right now!

1. There’s a whole universe to be discovered!

Shadow and Bone is a story of a young girl that lives in a world divided by a darkness space called The Fold.

Those who dare to enter this barrier face deadly creatures and struggle to make the crossing alive. In this fantasy universe at war, we’ll find all kinds of magic and the eternal battle between good and evil. Once you start watching Shadow and Bone you will dive into this world that, at first, might feel overwhelming, but you will most certainly fall in love with every bit of it.

2. The cast: fresh faces!

It is amazing to get to know new actors and that is what happens in Shadow and Bone.

Most of the cast, especially the main characters, are fresh faces and they already caught our attention. The most familiar face might be Ben Barnes (known for The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian), but our protagonist, Alina Strakov, is played by Jessi Mei Li, an impressive new talent that conducted the plot in an invigorating way.

Alina’s childhood friend, Malyen Oretsev, is also played by a newcomer, Archie Renaux.

3. It is based on books 

Shadow and Bone is based on the popular books series written by Leigh Bardugo and the Netflix production follows both the trilogy and duology of these young adults’ books. The creators of Shadow and Bone had the guts to innovate by interconnecting different books inside the Netflix series.

The thing is: there is the Grisha Trilogy and the Six of Crows Duology which are both written by Bardugo and take place in the same universe.

Netflix mixes the first book of the trilogy and the first book of the duology, giving the show a unique perspective of Bardugo’s work!

4. Love triangle

It’s a cliché, and we love it.

We’ve seen love triangles in many successful franchises like Hunger Games and Twilight, so why wouldn’t it work here? The Alina, Malyn and Darkling triangle will keep us wondering which side to choose. Who are you going to root for?

Probably you will be switching sides all the time, like us.

5. There are only 8 episodes

We’ve seen plenty of people feeling discouraged to start a new series due to the crazy number of episodes or seasons. This is a 1 season 8 episode show.

Why wouldn’t you try it? It’s a total weekend binge-watch.

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6. Oscar-nominated showrunner

The series is created by an Oscar-nominated screenwriter. Eric Heisserer caught the attention of the Academy Awards with his work on Arrival (2016), a must watch for sci-fi lovers.

7. Powerful female protagonist

Thankfully we can see that nowadays powerful female protagonists aren’t as rare as in the past, but we still agree that this is something to be celebrated.

Alina Starkov, our main character, is a fearless young girl that will keep you amazed by her evolution and determination throughout the narrative.

8. People that have worked in other beloved series

Among the list of people involved on Shadow and Bone some names stand out, like David J. Peterson and Shawn Levy.

Peterson was responsible for the creation of the unique languages inside Game of Thrones’ universe, such as Valyrian and Dothraki, while Levy was an executive producer in the beloved series Stranger Things.

Talented team, right?

9. It’s a fantasy lover wonderland!

Are you a fantasy fan?

Don’t just sit there and leave this unique piece behind! This series is a must-watch for fantasy lovers since it delivers all that we adore: magic, spells, creatures, clans and, of course, all with beautifully created special effects.

It’s a complete magical realm to captivate all fantasy fans.

10. It’s a really good book adaptation

Considering the critics opinions Shadow and Bone is a really good book adaptation.

Even better than the originals, some might say. This successful adaptation reminds us of another popular series based on books: Game of Thrones. And that is precisely the comparison people have been making. It looks like Shadow and Bone was able to not only recreate the books but also reinvent and update them.

It sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

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Shadow and Bone review summary – prepare to fall in love and give Shadow and Bone a try.

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