So Binge Action Movies Live Quiz Night Recap

Action Movies quiz recap.

Let’s start off with the elephant in the room.

It has been long debated (though many feel its not even worth debating because its fact).

We asked the question is Die Hard a Christmas movie and the numbers are in…

You bet your ass it’s Christmas movie! 92% of punters agreed that Die Hard is a Christmas movie… the other 8% please explain…

Which pill?

It was interesting to also not that everyone seemed just as confused as Neo when deciding between the blue or the red pill.

Turns out everyone was 50/50 just like Neo as what to do.

Greatest action star

Another debate as to who is the greatest action hero… Well this has also been decided.

All hail King Bruce!

But before you get all excited… it turns out that Bruce fans don’t know the most about action movies.

In fact Arnie fans on average know more about action movies than Sly, Bruce and Tom… so is Arnie the real king of Action?

You are going to be taken

It was also surprising to note that some of you will be hunted down and killed by Liam Nesson (aka Bryan Mills) without even knowing it.

Action Movies Top 10

1L. Williams5250,183
2S. Masters5149,014
3J, Nokolich5148,968
4Z. Baker5248,584
5S. Rogers5148,159
6A. Covey5148,049
7T. LaGalia5048,015
8Z. Masters5047,972
9J. Shotton4844,732
10D. Wilson4540,454

State v State

Lift your game WA!


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Next Quiz Night

Seems like a bit of a 180 going from Action movies to Harry Potter but them’s the breaks.

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