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Ted Lasso Season 2 Epsiode 1 - Quotes and Moments
Ted Lasso Season 2 Epsiode 1 - Quotes and Moments


Best Quotes & Moments From Ted Lasso Season 2 Episode 1

It looks like Ted Lasso season 2 has already kicked a winner.

Best quotes and moments from Ted Lasso Season 2 Episode 1 – Goodbye Earl

UK’s favourite American football coach is back and it looks like Ted Lasso season 2 has already kicked a winner – even though AFC Richmond hasn’t won a game.

Obviously what lies ahead are spoilers for those who haven’t watched episode 1 of season 2… but if you haven’t watched episode 1 already then why are you here – get watching instead!

Episode 1 summary

In episode 1 we see that AFC Richmond aren’t off to a great start to their season having not won a single game, but at the same time haven’t lost a game either.

The first issue to arise in the episode is when star player Dani Roja accidentally kills the club’s longtime mascot Earl during a penalty kick to win the game.

The moment sends Dani into a spiral of the ‘yips’ which of course is a word never to be said out loud.

This moment and the moment that Ted isn’t able to bring Dani back around leads to the introduction of a Sports Psychologist.

At first Ted, of course, welcomes the Sports Psychologist with a welcome dance in true Ted style however, her ability to help players and assumably with ease seems to have Ted a bit worried, as being the one players turn to and the one to share advice is his number one superpower.

While all this is happening we are introduced to Roy’s story as he struggles to make the switch from professional footballer to an intense Under 9 girls coach.

Also, Rebecca is on the lookout for new love.

Best moments from Season 2 Episode 1

Ted Lasso Season 2 Episode 1 quotes and moments

Coach Beard blunt wisdom

Nate: Is it ok if I pray?
Ted: Yeah, of course. But to which god and in what language, you know?
Coach Beard: You could cross your fingers and make a wish.

Did we make Michael Jordan cry?

Higgins trying to comfort Rebecca after the Earl incident saying well at least all our games aren’t broadcast on TV… while Higgins forgets there’s a thing called the internet.

Rebecca: Yes, but Higgins, the internet.
Higgins: Oh right, the goddamn internet.
Keeley: Twitter is going bonkers. Look!
Rebecca: Oh, God. Did we really make Michael Jordan cry?

Ted Lasso childhood dog story

The story Ted tells reporters about his childhood how he befriends and becomes the loving owner of the next-door neighbours dog that bit him when he was younger. Continuing to show just how great of a person and optimistically positive Ted is.


Playing poorly is the equivalent of playing like the New York Jets.

Nate the hardass

The quietly spoken and shy Nate is no more as he bants the new equipment manager and essentially suggests Dani Rojas just needs to man up to get over the onfield incident.

Nate: If Dani needs motivation, we could always show him his goddamn paycheck.
Ted: I mean, that’s a tad aggressive, you know.
Ted: But hey, I shouldn’t bring an umbrella to a brainstorm, so I appreciate you getting the ball rolling, Nate.

Starwars Incest

Higgins isn’t looking forward to having to explain to his children about Luke and Leia making out when they watch Empire Strikes Back.

Roy is in debt to his niece

Roy has a running tab with his niece of £1,236 for use of swear words in front of her. Half of which seems to come from his rant about becoming a football commentator.

The Yips

Lasso and Coach Beard try to subtly discuss the possibility that Dani is suffering from ‘The Yips’, while Nate and Higgins are trying to understand what Lasso and Coach Beard are talking about.

Ted: Sometimes being here is like living in a foreign country.

Roy tells it like it is when it comes to love

Maybe it’s from watching too many bad reality TV shows with his yoga mums, or the fact he was tipping a few back at dinner, but we got to see a ‘romantic’ side of Roy as he bluntly tells Rebecca she deserves more.

Roy: Tell the truth.
Roy: He’s fine. That’s it.
Roy: Nothing wrong with that, most people are fine.
Roy: It’s not about him. It’s about why you think he deserves you.
Roy: You deserve someone who makes you feel like you’ve been struck by lightning.
Roy: Don’t you dare settle for fine.

Takeaways from Ted Lasso Season 2 Episode 1

For the first time, it seems Ted might have had the winds taken out of his sails a bit with the sports psychologist being the one players are turning to for help and advice.

Nate’s newly found confidence will be a welcome addition to the Diamond Dogs and the to show.

Roy who wasn’t much for words and speeches in season 1 has already had 2 rants within the first episode, suggesting he might take on a Scrubs Dr Cox role in the show with quality and blunt rants.

How to stream Ted Lasso

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