This Is Everything: Netflix – Floor Is Lava

Who would have thought the childhood game in t lounge room would become a smash hit on Netflix.

You can’t touch the ground because it is lava! Oh the memories as a kid jumping from couch to pillows to chairs to tables… all to make sure you could get from one end to the other without touching the ground (lava).

Well, it seems the team at Netflix thinks this game that we all played as kids should be a TV series.

Watch: Floor Is Lava Trailer

And you know what they are right! This is everything!

Teams compete to navigate rooms flooded with lava by leaping from chairs, hanging from curtains and swinging from chandeliers. Yes, really.

All for the chance to win $10K.

Sign me up!

Watch Floor Is Lava on Netflix now with Season 1 having 10 episodes ready for you to binge right now!


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