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elon musk- elon musk podcasts
elon musk- elon musk podcasts


What Podcasts Has Elon Musk Appeared On?

Ever wanted to go inside the mind of Elon Musk? Here’s your chance

All the podcast episodes you can catch Elon Musk on

Tech overlord Elon Musk has a lot to say (and to tweet) about his many successes.

The engineer, entrepreneur and philanthropist has done a lot, from founding Tesla to setting his sights on space.

So how’s he done it and what’s next?

Hear it from the man himself on one of his many podcast appearances.

The Joe Rogan Experience

Dates: September 7, 2018, May 6, 2020 and February 11, 2021.

Elon Musk has appeared on Joe Rogan’s renowned podcast not once, not twice but three times.

Joe Rogan’s podcast tangents into a variety of topics with a range of different guests, one such being the talented entrepreneur himself.

From running multiple businesses simultaneously, getting a solid six hours of sleep every night to exploring the potential of alien life, Rogan and Musk cover a lot of ground across these three episodes.

Lex Fridman Podcast

Date: November 13, 2019

Formerly called the Ai Podcast, this show is heavily tech-focused.

It’s no surprise then that this podcast gets into Musk as an engineer and his innovative ideas.

Be warned, questions include whether AI needs consciousness and the difference between that and self-awareness.

It’s a dive down a rabbit hole and Musk is the Mad Hatter greeting you at the other end.

Ride the Lightning: Tesla Motors Unofficial Podcast

Date: June 2019

This is the world’s longest-running weekly Tesla show, made for Tesla fans and owners by Tesla community veteran Ryan McCaffrey.

The show with Musk goes into how the market is trending away from combustion cars, how the brand of Tesla came to be and specs about specific cars.

Be ready to hear about the thousands of parts, the speed, torque and all kinds of other insights… if that’s what you’re into.


Date: September 16

A BBC podcast, this show promises to do what the title suggests, offer us a profile into Elon Musk.

Who is he? How did he get where he is today?

While a very thorough and professional look at Musk, the billionaire doesn’t actually appear on the podcast but we decided to include it anyway.

Instead, it speaks to other people in the industry and people who know him.

Listen to it on BBC

Automotive News Daily Drive

Date: July 31, 2020

For rev-heads, or perhaps more appropriately, silent-and-smooth-electric-car lovers, this podcast dives into Tesla.

The two-part episode goes into Tesla as a brand, how fast those nifty cars go and how the car industry has changed.

Recode Decode Date: July 6, 2020.

Want to hear an episode where someone doesn’t take it easy on Musk? Then this is the way to go.

Kara Swisher asks him about his “outrageous” tweets, his attacks on the media and inciting people online plus his use of drugs like Ambien to sleep.

This podcast goes for over an hour and doesn’t stop firing the sticky questions at the billionaire almost the whole way through.

Third Row Tesla Podcast

Date: February 10 2020

The Third Row Crew is run by a team of Tesla fans, who literally talk about Tesla every week.

It’s little wonder that their podcast episode with Musk is more than three hours long and dives into every detail about the life of this tech tycoon.

Be warned, there’s a lot of nerding out about electric cars, world markets and tech talk the whole way through.

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But Musk talks about his journey from start to end, including jobs he’s had for just four days, and some hard decisions he’s had to make as a businessman and owner of numerous companies.


Date: September 28, 2020

A New York Times podcast also hosted by Kara Swisher, this show (according to its bio) investigates power, who has it, who defies it and who’s denied it.

Two guesses which one Musk falls into.

The episode is titled “A.I Doesn’t Need to Hate Us to Destroy Us” and Musk discusses sustainability, neuralinks, the survival of the human race and shooting Tom Cruise into space.

Feature Image: Luis Sinco, Los Angeles Times

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